Standard CTE Certification

The Standard CTE Certificate is not currently accepting new students to the program. 

The Standard CTE Certificate (formerly the Interim Occupational Certificate - IOC) is only valid for teaching in a State of Michigan reimbursed and approved Career and Technical Education secondary (grades 9-12) classroom. Although desirable, a person receiving the Standard CTE Certificate ONLY is not required to complete a professional teacher preparation program. Under special circumstances, a school district may hire a prospective teacher holding a Standard CTE Certificate IF no certified teacher is available in a particular CTE classroom.

The requirements, including those imposed by Wayne State University, for the Standard CTE Certificate follow:

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.  Official transcripts are required.
  • Completion of an approved major in a related occupational area. Please preview the list below for information regarding the occupational areas which are offered at Wayne State University.
  • Two years (4000 hours) of recent and relevant work experience (within the past 10 years) in an occupation.  We only accept a Notarized Verification of Work forms from the employer(s), which provide a detailed description and other evidence of related work experiences within the recent past five (10) years. Parameters for recency and relevancy.
  • Completing the following CTE one-credit (1) hour, online modules:
    • CTE 5401 - Instructional Practices for the Career and Technical Education Classroom - Module 1
    • CTE 5402 - Instructional Practices for the Career and Technical Education Classroom - Module 2
    • CTE 5403 - Instructional Practices for the Career and Technical Education Classroom - Module 3
    • CTE 5404 - Instructional Practices for the Career and Technical Education Classroom - Module 4
    • CTE 5405 - Instructional Practices for the Career and Technical Education Classroom - Module 5
    • CTE 5406 - Instructional Practices for the Career and Technical Education Classroom - Module 6
  • First Aid & CPR Certification (Adult and Child)
  • Criminal History Check

The Michigan Department of Education recognizes recommendations from Wayne State University's College of Education for the following IOC Areas including their related CIP Codes:

  • Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science & Technology (49.0101)
  • Airframe Technology (47.0607)
  • Automobile Technician (Natef Certified) (47.0604)
  • Vocational Business (VB) Business Administration Management & Operations (52.0299)
  • Child & Custodial Care Services (19.0700)
  • Collision Repair Technician (NATEF Certified) (47.0603)
  • Computer Programming/Programmer (11.0201)
  • Computer Systems Networking & Telecommunication (11.0901)
  • Construction Trades (46.0000)
  • Cooking & Related Culinary Arts (12.0500)
  • Cosmetology (12.0400)
  • Digital/Multimedia & Information Resources Design (11.0801)
  • Drafting & Design Technology/Architectural (15.1301)
  • Education General (Teacher Cadet) (13.0000)
  • Family & Consumer Sciences (19.0000)
  • Finance & Financial Management Services (52.0800)
  • Graphics & Printing Technology & Communications (10.0301)
  • Machine Tool Technology/Machinist (48.0501)
  • Marketing, Sales, & Service (52.1999)
  • Power Plant Technology (Aircraft) (47.0608)
  • Public Safety/Protective Services (43.0100)
  • Radio & TV Broad Casting Tech. (10.0202)
  • Small Engine & Related Equipment Repair (47.0606)
  • System Administration/Administrator (11.1001)
  • Therapeutic Services (51.0000)
  • Welding, Brazing, & Soldering (48.0508)
  • Woodworking General (48.0701)

How to Apply

The following documents are needed to process the Standard CTE Certificate applications. It is important that all documents listed below be forwarded together as a packet. This will ensure that all documents needed for the Standard CTE Certificate are processed at the same time.

  • A copy of the applicant's WSU transcript verifying the completion of the following courses:  CTE 5401, 5402, 5403, 5404, 5405 and 5406.
  • A copy of the applicant's undergraduate transcript containing verification of the issuance of a Bachelor's degree.  Transcripts that also support the completion of at least a major or minor in the field of specialization in which CTE certification is being requested.
  • Notarized Verification of Work forms from the employer (s), which provide evidence of related work experiences within the recent past ten (10) years.  The total hours should meet or exceed 4,000 hours or the equivalence of 104 weeks (2 calendar years) of work related to the occupational area in which you plan to teach. These forms may be forwarded directly from the employer to the address listed below. This is the only document that will be accepted outside the completed packet. 
  • A completed Initial Certification application may be found on the Certification page under Certification applications. For additional information about the application, please contact the Academic Services Department in the College of Education at 313-577-1605.
  • A copy of the applicant's current First Aid & CPR (Child & Adult) Certification card or certificate.
  • A copy of the applicant's Criminal Background Check report.

This certification is valid for up to five years, depending on the date of issuance. The expiration date is printed on the certificate. These cost are payable to the Michigan Department of Education and will be billed to you directly.

Return the completed packet to:

CTE Program Coordinator
Career and Technical Education
College of Education
Wayne State University
231 Education Building
Detroit, MI 48202