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Master of Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) plays a major role in responding to the charge of educating youth today. By recognizing the rapidly changing role of teachers in a global economy and a technological world, we are continually working to provide educational opportunities for teachers, which increase their productivity in the classroom and helps them grow professionally.

There has been a tremendous increase in the use of technological tools and the Internet, during the past several years. We recognize that students are seeking to maximize their time and resources when exploring educational options. In our effort to accommodate, the Master's of Education in Career and Technical Education program (M.Ed.-CTE) provides CTE professionals with multiple options for professional development.

The M.Ed.-CTE program is designed for practicing Career and Technical Education teachers who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills for teaching in Career and Technical Education programs. The College of Education at Wayne State University offers all courses leading to the M.Ed.-CTE in two formats: Traditional Classroom courses and online courses. Students may complete the program entirely online, entirely in a traditional classroom format or a combination of the two instructional formats.

"This was a perfect fit for me. This is a stress free program - that means a lot when someone is working full time and has home and family commitments. I have been getting a lot of questions about the program from fellow teachers. I told them how seamless the online program runs, how highly organized and planned out it is, and how they can look at several semesters worth of class schedules on-line and plan ahead. On top of all that, the faculty does a great job teaching classes, too." - Matt Teeter, MED-CTE Graduate, August 2008