English as a Second Language

Bilingual/Bicultural Education (M.Ed. Program)

  • Bilingual-Bicultural Education - with concentration in:

English as a Second Language

The bilingual-bicultural master's degree program with concentration in English as a Second Language (ESL) was developed to enhance the basic skills of ESL teachers and prepare them for roles as school district ESL supervisors, district administrators, and resource room teachers. The program is based on the development of specific competencies in the following areas.

  • Curriculum and Instruction

Which involves teaching strategies and methodologies relevant to the teaching of content curriculum areas in an ESL education setting, as well as the role of culture in the cognitive development of children;

  • Assessment

Which includes skills in identifying linguistic and cultural biases in existing assessment instruments and test item construction;

  • School-Community Relations

Which includes the identification of those elements in the community which will function in concert with the school to promote learning in children; and

  • Professional Socialization

Which establishes those skills necessary to develop leadership in ESL education.

Online and hybrid options: Courses are currently offered in face-to-face and hybrid formats, and the master's program is expected to be offered fully online by the 2016-2017 school year.