Bachelor - Secondary

Students in the Bilingual/Bicultural Secondary program will receive teacher certification in grades 6 - 12 with a major in a world language, or a subject area. They will have a minor in a subject area or in Bilingual Education, English as a Second Language or a world language.

Undergraduate students have the choice of pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Education or a Bachelor of Arts in Education.  The distinction between the two depends upon the University’s Foreign Culture requirement.  Students who complete a foreign language through the intermediate level will pursue the Bachelor of Arts degree.  Students who elect to take a culture course in Foreign Culture will pursue the Bachelor of Science degree.

At the completion of the program students apply for the degree, for the Initial Provisional Teaching Certificate, and additional endorsements that have been a part of their program (e.g., Bilingual Endorsement, ESL Endorsement).

Upon completion of all requirements, Wayne State University will recommend the student to the Michigan Department of Education for the Elementary Provisional Teaching Certificate.

Admission Requirements

Students are directly admitted to the College of Education Level 1 from high school or another institution of higher learning by completing an admission application to the University and selection of the College of Education program on the admission application.

Admission is through the University Office of Admissions, Welcome Center, 42 W. Warren Avenue, P.O. Box 02759, Detroit, Michigan, (313) 577-3577.

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Plan of Work

Plan of Work for Bachelor - Secondary

Student Teaching / Practicum / Internship

Pre-Student Teaching and Student Teaching:

TED 5160 - Analysis of Middle and Secondary School Teaching 3 Cr.

TED 5650 - Pre-Student Teaching Clinical Experience for Secondary Majors 3 - 5 Cr.

Students are required to take these two courses for their pre-student teaching experience in a middle or secondary school.  This practicum requires four mornings a week or two full days a week in a classroom and a mandatory seminar.  Students are in a cohort of 15 - 20 students with a WSU instructor.

TED 5780 - Directed Teaching and Conference 1 - 10 Cr.

Students are required to complete one semester of student teaching, five days a week, in a middle school or secondary school in their subject area.