General / Semester Hours Requirements

General Requirements

The minimum credit hour requirement for the Doctor of Education and Doctor of Philosophy in Education Degrees is 100 semester hours of graduate work.

Residency Requirements

  • At least 30 semester hours beyond the Master’s degree must be taken in residence at Wayne State University. Dissertation credits may not be used in fulfilling the 30 semester hour residency requirement.
  • At least 6 semester hours of regular graduate coursework must be completed in each of two successive semesters any time after official admission to the program. Dissertation credits are not considered regular graduate coursework. Successive semesters include the following: fall and winter, winter and spring/summer, winter and fall, spring/summer and fall.
  • A minimum of 30 semester hours, exclusive of dissertation credit, must be elected in coursework open only to graduate students (7000 course level or above).

An Annual Progress Report must be submitted to the Division of Academic Services, Graduate Office, Room 489 College of Education. The Annual Progress Report form must be completed by you and your advisor prior to May 1 of each academic year.

Required Semester Hours

Consistent with the College and University policies, the Curriculum and Instruction doctoral program reflects the minimum requirements established by the College of Education’s Doctoral Academic Standards Committee. Electives are required only to reach the total minimum of 100 semester hours.

  • No. I - Major Field (Concentration)
    • Ph.D. 24
    • Ed.D. 30
  • No. II - Minor Field (Cognate)
    • Ed.D. 12
    • Ph.D. 12
  • No. III - Doctoral Seminars
    • Ed.D. 6
    • Ph.D. 6
  • No. IV - Research Techniques
    • Ed.D. 12
    • Ph.D. 15
  • No. V - Dissertation Research
    • Ed.D. 20
    • Ph.D. 30
  • No. VI - Electives (if needed)
    • Ed.D. 20
    • Ph.D. 13
  • Minimum Semester Hours for Ed.D. and Ph.D. 100


Electives may be chosen, in consultation with the major advisor, from any relevant graduate level course work.

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