Admission Requirements

The Plan of Work is defined and created with the help of an advisor during the first semester after the student's admission to the College of Education. This is required within the first semester to avoid taking courses not germane to the student's program and to ensure completion of the program in a timely fashion. All students are welcome to consult with the Program Coordinator for Visual Arts Education, Mrs. Anita Ricks-Bates regarding coursework, sequencing, matriculation, certification, or any issues regarding graduation. You may reach her at (313) 577-0490 to arrange an appointment. Each student's plan of work is based on their previous coursework and is, therefore, created on an individualized basis. It is to the student's advantage to consult and seek advising on any part of their degree program. The Plan of Work is drawn from the courses listed below.

Required Intermediate Courses

AED 5000 Introduction to Art Education  3 Cr.
AED 5160 Theory and Practice in Art Education 3 Cr.
AED 5100 Special Topics: Art Teaching Lab Methods 3 Cr.
  (co-required with AED 5650)  
AED 5650 Art Teaching Laboratory 3 Cr.
  (co-required with AED 5100)  
AED 5790 Applied Design in Visual Arts Education 3 Cr.
AED 5890 Art of Indigenous Cultures 3 Cr.
AED 5150 Computer Graphics in the School Art Room 3 Cr.
AED 5230 Ceramics Education I 3 Cr.
AED 5280 Printmaking 3 Cr.
Subtotal Credit Hours: 27 Cr.

Advanced Studio Courses

Choose Three Courses

2 - Dimensional

AED 5020 Theory and Practice in Art Education 3 Cr.
AED 5690 Collage, Assemblage, & Multi-Media 3 Cr.

3 - Dimensional

AED 5070 Methods and Materials: Sculpture 3 Cr.
AED 5690 Ceramics Education II 3 Cr.
Subtotal Credit Hours: 9 Cr.

Professional Courses: Prerequisites for Student teaching 

16 Credit Hours

The following courses must be completed before beginning your Student Teaching clinical experiences.

EDP 3310 Foundations of Educational Psychology   3 Cr.
BBE 5000 Multicultural Education in Urban America 2 Cr.
RLL 6121 Reading in the Content Area (Elem./Secondary) 3 Cr.
SED 5010 Exceptional Child in the Classroom 2 Cr.
Subtotal Credit Hours: 10 Cr.

Student Teaching

13 Credit Hours

All coursework must be completed before registering for Student teaching. Students must take and pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) Visual Arts Education Examination prior to student teaching.

TED 5780 Directed Teaching and Conference 5 Cr.

1/2 day field placement at the elementary or secondary level to meet State K - 12 certification requirements.

TED 5790 Student Teaching & Conference for Special Groups 8 Cr.

Full day field placement at the level, elementary or secondary, you wish to teach full time.

Subtotal Credit Hour: 13

Total Credit Hours for Certification: 59