Wayne State University

M.A. Clinical Experiences

M.A. students complete 100 practicum hours and 600 internship hours. At least 350 hours (half of the total 700) are in direct client contact in art therapy/counseling. Consistent with the University mission, art therapy students complete a wide variety of clinical experiences with groups and individuals of all ages having various abilities and disabilities, both on and off-campus. The curriculum introduces clinical experiences in phases of increasing depth and responsibility.

MA students complete two practica: AED 7380 Art Therapy Practicum (Saturday mornings, fall semesters) and CED 7150 Counseling Practicum, which takes place in the Counseling and Testing Center (M/W or T/TH evenings). Upon completion of practicum requirements, students apply for Internship by registering for AED 7890 and CED 7020.  Students should contact Dr. Tami Wright (313) 577-2435, to apply for CED 7150 component of practicum. Application deadlines:

For Winter Semesters, September 20

For Spring/Summer and Fall Semesters, January 20

        • Application for AED 7380

Information on the Counseling and Testing Center.