M.A. Clinical Experiences

M.A. students complete 100 practicum hours and 600 internship hours. At least 350 hours (half of the total 700) are in direct client contact in art therapy/counseling. Consistent with the University mission, art therapy students complete a wide variety of clinical experiences with groups and individuals of all ages having various abilities and disabilities, both on and off-campus. The curriculum introduces clinical experiences in phases of increasing depth and responsibility.

MA students complete two practica: AED 7380 Art Therapy Practicum (Saturday mornings, fall semesters) and CED 7150 Counseling Practicum, which takes place in the Counseling and Testing Center (M/W or T/TH evenings). Upon completion of practicum requirements, students apply for Internship by registering for AED 7890 and CED 7020.  Students should contact Dr. Tami Wright (313) 577-2435, to apply for CED 7150 component of practicum. Application deadlines:

For Winter Semesters, September 20

For Spring/Summer and Fall Semesters, January 20

        • Application for AED 7380

Information on the Counseling and Testing Center.

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