Plan of work

At an early date following acceptance into the program, a major advisor should be selected, contingent upon a mutual agreement between the student and the faculty member.  The naming of the remaining members for the doctoral committee should await the selection of a minor area of study and the determination of the nature of the dissertation topic.

Preparation of the Plan of Work

The Plan of Work reflects a systematic and organized series of courses, seminars, clinical experiences, etc., designed to provide advanced academic experiences consistent with the student’s academic objectives.  It should be planned with the advice of the major advisor and completed by the end of the second semester following acceptance into the program.

All course work and other academic experiences yielding graduate credits following admission to the program must be approved by the Rehabilitation Counseling Coordinator prior to approval of the Plan of Work.

Ph.D. Degree Requirements

Students admitted to the Ph.D. program in rehabilitation counselor education have already completed a master’s degree, usually in rehabilitation counseling or a closely related field. Students’ will meet with an advisor early in the doctoral study to identify any master’s level content in deficiency and devise a plan to master that content.

The curriculum has been designed to allow students to attain the basic competence in each of the following areas: Rehabilitation Counseling Core, Counseling Core, Statistics and Research, and Dissertation. The curriculum is a reflection of the current counselor education curriculum. The new courses added are those listed in the rehabilitation counseling core section (RCI 9510 & RCI 9520).

Rehabilitation Counseling Core

6 Credits

CED 9510 Professional Issues in Rehabilitation Counseling and Rehabilitation Counselor Education 3 Cr.
CED 9520 Advanced Research on Disability and Human Behavior 3 Cr.

Counseling Core

28 Credits

CED 7730 Cultural and Diversity Issues in Mental Health Treatment and Research 3 Cr.
CED 8000 Seminar in Group Counseling 3 Cr.
CED 8020 Advanced Practicum 4 Cr,
CED 8030 Advanced Consultation Theory & Methods 3 Cr.
CED 8040 Advanced Counseling Theory & Methods 3 Cr.
CED 8070 Advanced Seminar in Counseling Research 3 Cr.
CED 8080 Advanced Career Counseling & Vocational Development 3 Cr.
CED 9020 Internship 6 - 12 Cr.
CED 9120 Seminar in Supervision 3 Cr.

Doctoral Seminars

Select two from the following

6 Credits

EDA 9790 Educational Administration 3 Cr.
EDP 9310 Educational Psychology 3 Cr.
EDS 9620 Educational Sociology 3 Cr.
EHP 9600 History and Philosophy of Education 3 Cr.
TED 9130 Curriculum and Instruction 3 Cr.


Masters Concentration in Rehabilitation Counseling

Minimum 10 Credits

Statistics and Research Design

17 Credits

EER 7630 Fundamentals of Statistics 3 Cr.
EER 7640 Fundamentals of Quantitative Research 3 Cr.
EER 7650 Computer Use in Research 3 Cr.
EER 8800 Variance and Covariance Analysis 3 Cr.
EER 7660 Advance Statistics Lab 1 Cr.
EER 8820 Multivariate Analysis 3 Cr.
EER 7660 Advance Statistics Lab 1 Cr.

Dissertation Credit

30 Credits

ED 9991 Candidate Status I:Doctoral Dissertation Research and Direction 7.5 Cr.
ED 9992 Candidate Status II:Doctoral Dissertation Research and Direction 7.5 Cr.
ED 9993 Candidate Status III:Doctoral Dissertation Research and Direction 7.5 Cr.
ED 9994 Candidate Status IV:Doctoral Dissertation Research and Direction 7.5 Cr.

Note: Minimum number of credit hours required for Ph.D. is 100 credits.