Ph.D. with a Concentration in Rehabilitation Counseling

The Counselor Education program offers both a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree in Counseling. As part of the Ph.D. program, students can obtain a specialization in Rehabilitation Counselor Education. The primary mission of the Rehabilitation Counselor Education specialization is to prepare professionals to function in a variety of interrelated leadership roles, such as rehabilitation counselor education, research, and administration. The rehabilitation counselor education curriculum allows students to focus on rehabilitation education, research, supervision and leadership roles.

The Doctoral Program includes academic instruction in rehabilitation education, counselor education, and statistics and research methodology, as well as supervised experience in teaching, research and clinical supervision.  Doctoral graduates are expected to develop advanced competencies and skills to teach at the college or University level, engage in and evaluate theoretical and empirical research, obtain positions within administration and supervise other professionals.

The program provides an educational experience that is designed to help students become committed and competent to the values inherent in providing rehabilitation counseling to individuals with disabilities.  As such, the program is committed to providing students with the required knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to participate in and contribute to the quality of life for persons with disabilities in a complex, changing urban society.

Qualifying Examination

Upon completion of all course work reported in the Plan of Work, the Qualifying Examination should be taken. It consists of a written section followed within 30 days by an oral section. These exams can be taken in the fall or winter semester.

Students must inform the major advisor the semester prior to taking the examination the semester prior to the time he/she wishes to take the written section of the examination. The major advisor, in collaboration with the other member of the Committee will prepare the examination.

The student will be informed by his/her advisor whether or not he/she has successfully completed the written Qualifying Examination and, if successful, the date for the oral section of the examination will be maintained. Those whose performance was judged inadequate will be informed of the nature of the deficiencies and of the type of remedial efforts required; and if necessary will be required to rewrite the exam. At the request of the student, a second written Qualifying Examination may be scheduled no earlier than one academic semester or no later than 12 months after the date of the initial examination. The results of the second examination will be final.

Dissertation Proposal

Following the successful completion of the Qualifying Examination, a dissertation proposal should be planned and developed with the guidance of the major advisor. The proposal is presented for examination to the student’s committee during a formally convened meeting. Prior to the approval of the proposal by the student’s committee, one should consult the Graduate Catalogue pursuant to the submission of the proposal to the Graduate Division.

Presentation of Dissertation

Following the completion and approval of the dissertation by the student’s doctoral committee, the major advisor will set a date for the public presentation of the dissertation. Students should consult the Graduate School policy for any additional requirements.

Grading Policy

Doctoral students are required to maintain a 3.5 HPA. Grades of “C” and below are unacceptable and below graduate standards. This constitutes valid cause for dropping a student from advanced graduate study. Additionally, any student receiving a grade of “C” will be required to repeat that course and a student receiving two “C” grades will be dropped from the program.

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