Practicum Requirement

The practicum for graduate students in rehabilitation counseling is one of the most important professional preparation activities.  The purpose of the practicum experience is to provide students with clinical experience and to allow students to synthesize and apply the knowledge and skills they have learned.  Students are provided opportunities to learn and practice new skills in the supervised environment of the Counseling and Testing Center.

Prior to enrolling in the practicum, students must have successfully completed all course requirements.  It is necessary to file a "Practicum Application Form" with the RCI secretary at the beginning of the semester prior to enrollment in RCI 7430 Practicum in Rehabilitation Counseling.  Priority is given to students based on the date on which application is submitted and who have successfully completed all course work except RCI 7640 (Internship). 

For the practicum, students must complete a minimum of 100 clock hours in one semester which includes class seminars, Counseling and Testing Center hours, and supervision hours.  The "Rehabilitation Counseling Practicum Handbook" provides greater detail concerning documentation, clients, details of required clock hours of direct service work and supervision, and additional requirements for participating in the practicum.  Students receive a copy of this handbook at the beginning of the practicum.

Field Internship Requirement

The internship for graduate students in rehabilitation counseling is the most important and comprehensive professional experience in the rehabilitation counseling program.  The internship is designed to allow students to apply skills and knowledge they have gained throughout the program in a supervised setting.  To ensure the student's individualized career goals are met during the internship experience, arrangements for the internship are negotiated between the student, the on‑site internship supervisor and the student's supervising professor at Wayne State University.

A student who is admitted to graduate study in counseling is permitted to enter the internship only when he or she has demonstrated certain competencies in basic skills.  The nature of the experience indicates that the internship is likely to be more meaningful when taken toward the end of the student's program of professional preparation.  Therefore all course requirements must be completed prior to enrollment for internship. Internship must be completed at a site that provides rehabilitation counseling activities (counseling, case management, job development, job placement, appraisals, etc.)

Admission requires the consent of the adviser and the written consent of the Faculty Internship Coordinator during the semester prior to enrollment in the internship.  The grade in RCI 7430 must have been "B" or better in order to be approved for the internship.  Consent to enroll in the internship is also based upon the availability of an appropriate internship placement site, and approval and acceptance by supervising personnel at that location.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the internship requirement at a site different from their current place of employment.  The internship supervisor must be a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) and also a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Students seeking approval to complete their internship at their current place of employment must meet one (1) of the following conditions:

  1. The student has worked less than one year at his/her current job whose major function is rehabilitation counseling and he/she will be supervised by a supervisor who has no conflict of interest or administrative responsibility for the student.
  2. Arrangements have been made for the student to be assigned to a different department or job description whose major function is counseling and supervision will be provided by a different supervisor other than his/her current supervisor who has no conflict of interest or administrative responsibility for the student.