School Psychology Concentration - Admission

We are temporarily not taking applications for the doctoral program in Educational Psychology-School Psychology Concentration, as the program undergoes renovations.  This does not affect current doctoral students, but new doctoral students will not be admitted for Fall 2015.  We will post notice about our renovations and plans for the 2016-2017 admissions.  Please the department secretary Sheri Martini by email  or (313) 577-1614, if you have questions.

The faculty of Educational Psychology is pleased to note your interest in the program leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Educational Psychology with a concentration in School Psychology.  Competition for admission to the program is high and only a limited number of applicants can be accepted.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology - School Psychology concentration offers three options for admission:

  1. Application for direct admission to the Ph.D. program from undergraduate studies, or
  2. Application to the Ph.D. program after the first year enrolled in the M.A. in School and Community Psychology, Counseling Psychology, or the M.Ed. in Educational Psychology, or their equivalent, or
  3. Application after completion of a master’s degree.  Students who are admitted to the Ph.D. program prior to receiving an M.A. or M.Ed. degree will be expected to complete the requirements of the applicable M.A. or M.Ed. program in Educational Psychology at Wayne State University during their doctoral study.

Application materials must be submitted to the director of the School Psychology concentration:

School Psychology Concentration
Educational Psychology Doctoral Program
Wayne State University
5425 Gullen Mall, 3rd Floor
Detroit, MI 48202

  • Successful applicants for admission to the Ph.D. program typically have a combined minimum score on the Graduate Record Examination of 1000 (verbal and quantitative combined) and acceptable writing skills as determined on the GRE Writing test and Work Sample. Applicants for direct admission from their undergraduate studies must have a minimum of a 3.5 grade point average in their coursework, including high grades in at least 15 hours of coursework in psychology.  Applicants should also have a major in psychology or a closely related field. For those with a master’s degree or those who have completed one or two years of graduate study, applicants are required to have a minimum grade point average of 3.5 (on a four point scale) and be in good academic standing. In addition, the Personal Statement, Work Sample, and three letters of recommendation are required.
  • If this is your first application, you will need to apply for admission online at Wayne State Universty's Graduate School. When you complete on-line application, you MUST select "Education Psychology-PhD" under Planned Course of Study and "School Psychology" under Concentration.  Graduate Enrollment Services is located in The Welcome Center, 42 W. Warren, Detroit, MI 48202.  Their phone number is (313) 577-3577.

Those graduate students who are already admitted to and are in good standing with the Wayne State University Graduate School should file doctoral applications (also known as Change of Status applications) with the College of Education Academic Services Office (489 Education, Detroit, MI 48202, (313) 577-1605).

  • In addition to the materials submitted to Graduate Enrollment Services, the department requires all applicants to send the following application materials directly (by U.S. mail) to the Doctoral Program Director of the School Psychology concentration, at the address provided above. 

a) A second copy of your official transcripts of undergraduate and graduate work from all institutions of higher education previously attended (the other copy goes with the university application, as noted in #2 above). 

b) A Personal Statement using the form and questions.

c) A Work Sample that demonstrates your writing skills in an area of psychology. This may be a research paper from an undergraduate/graduate class, an undergraduate thesis, a scholarly paper presented at a conference, a published manuscript, or a concise case presentation. Please attach to the Work Sample a brief introduction and explanation describing its original purpose.

d) Three letters of recommendation. One of the letters of recommendation should be written by a person who has supervised your professional activities and the other two should be persons familiar with your academic skills and performance. Each letter of recommendation must be accompanied by the Evaluation Form and mailed directly by the author to the Doctoral Program Director: School Psychology concentration

e) The Personal Information Form.

  • Candidates with competitive applications will be invited for an interview with the Ph.D. Admissions Committee.
  • All admission materials must be received by the program concentration no later than February 15.  If you have any questions, contact the program area secretary at (313) 577-1614.
  • Applicants will be notified, in writing, of the School Psychology Admissions Committee’s decision regarding their acceptance into the program on or around April 15.

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