Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) - Counseling Psychology

The Wayne State University Educational Psychology Program Area is now offering a Ph.D. program in Counseling Psychology. In order to obtain APA accreditation status for this program (which is a necessary requirement before students can achieve full licensure as a psychologist in Michigan)1, the College of Education must complete what is called a "first cohort" class of students who successfully finish the program. This "first cohort" class will cover a multi-year period.

The College of Education, with full University support, will start an inaugural cohort class in Fall 2018. This first cohort will be the basis for submission for accreditation by the American Psychological Association (APA). Such submission requires not only completion by a first cohort class, but also submission of the class' progress data at all levels of matriculation through the Program.

All coursework for this Program is aligned with APA standards. A minimum of 110 hours of specific graduate level coursework is required for program completion. Completion of this degree under APA accreditation status will satisfy the State of Michigan Board of Psychology requirements for a license to practice psychology (LP).
Although there can be no formal guarantee of achieving accreditation, the faculty are fully committed to ensuring this accreditation status. We have attended trainings, already carefully aligned coursework to standards, and will be working very closely with APA over the multi-year period that it will take with this first cohort to be able to achieve such status.

We are very excited about this Ph.D. program and look forward to admitting and working closely with a first cohort class to achieve the best educational outcome for our students, which includes obtaining APA accreditation so that this first cohort class will be able to successfully achieve full licensure as a psychologist.

Important: All application materials must be uploaded by May 1st to be reviewed by faculty and considered for an interview.  Those selected will be invited for a half-day interview, which will be scheduled for either May 15th or 16th. 

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