Course Content / Sequence

Courses for the Plan of Work

All courses are taken in this sequence with your incoming graduate cohort.  Prerequisite In addition to the 15 psychology credits/or equivalent required for program admission, if students do not have sufficient statistics/research design background, they will have to also take EER 7630 Fundamentals of Statistics or EER 7640 Fundamentals of Quantitative Research, and this can be taken the spring/summer before the program begins or during any other semester—both courses are typically offered each semester. All Canadian applicants must have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology to be eligible for health professional licensing in Canada.

Fall Semester - 1st Year

EDP 7200 Systemic Theories and Family Therapy 3 Cr.

Survey of systemic theories and family systems therapy.

EDP 7410 Human Developmental Psychology 4 Cr.

Survey of research from psychoanalytic and learning viewpoints on development from birth to adulthood. Emphasis on school environment and community psychology practice.

EDP 7520 Professional Ethics and Standards for Psychologists 3 Cr.

An overview of the scientific and professional ethics and standards related to the practice of psychology.

Winter Semester - 1st Year

EDP 7370 Adult Psychopathology 3 Cr.

Psychopathology of adulthood; mental disorders, treatment and diagnosis.

EDP 7430 Applications 1: Behavioral Psychology and Social Learning 4 Cr.

Behavioral techniques used in dealing with the social behavior of both groups and individuals.

EDP 7610 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology 3 Cr.

Study of theories of psychopathology in children and adolescents and the application or these theories to practice. Differential diagnosis using currently acceptable classification systems.

Spring Semester - 1st Year

EDP 7220 Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents 3 Cr.

Theory of psychotherapy, including stages of therapy, issues of therapy, and techniques of therapy with children and adolescents.

EDP 7561 Assessment of Cognitive Functioning 4 Cr.

Theory of intellectual development; administration, scoring, and interpretation of cognitive processing, visual-motor integration, and adaptive behavior assessments; data integration and report writing.

Fall Semester - 2nd Year

CED 7730 Cultural and Diversity Issues in Mental Health Treatment Research 3 Cr.

Cognitive and experiential study of social and psychological variables that influence the cross- cultural counseling relationship. Emphasis on social identities of race, ethnicity, gender, age, ability, and sexual orientation.

ED 7999 Terminal Masters Project 3 Cr. (S or U grades only)

Meeting dates arranged with instructor. Completion of master's project. ED 7999 may also be completed in Spring semester (2nd year).

EDP 7240 Systems of Psychotherapy 3 Cr.

Theory of psychotherapy, including stages of therapy, issues of therapy and techniques of therapy with adults.

Winter Semester - 2nd Year

EDP 7190 Couples Therapy 3 Cr.

Introduction to research, theories, skills and assessments related to couples therapy.

EDP 7562 Assessment of Personality and Social-Emotional Functioning 4 Cr.

Theory of personality development; administration, scoring, and interpretation of personality and social-emotional assessments; data integration and report writing.

EDP 8319 Pre-Practicum in Clinical Procedures 3 Cr.

Concurrently enrolled in EDP 7240. Opportunity to provide psychological services (e.g., psychotherapy) to clients under supervision of a university professor.

Spring/Summer - 2nd Year or Fall/Winter Semester 3rd Year

Students have the option to begin their clinical practicum in the summer with the acceptance of a cooperating site and the University Practicum/Internship Supervisor. These students will register for 2 credits of EDP 8320 Spring/Summer semester and 4 credits in Fall semester. Students make arrangements with the Practicum/Internship Supervisor for the practicum and supervision. If you complete your 500 hours by end of summer you can apply for August graduation. Otherwise, you will continue through the Fall and apply for December graduation.

EDP 8320 Practicum in Clinical Procedures (6 total credit hours)

(Enrollment in Clinical Practicum for two consecutive semesters for 20 hours per week. Hours to be arranged between student and clinic).

Practicum in one of the organized health care settings cooperating with the University. Psychotherapy and psychological assessment with supervision of not less than two hours per week by a licensed psychologist at the cooperating site.  Experience will equal or exceed 500 hours.