Counselor Education Program Information


In keeping with the urban mission of Wayne State University, the mission of the Counselor Education program:

To prepare professional counselors who are knowledgeable in counseling theories and techniques, who can translate counseling theories and current research strategies in to effective practice, who are committed to respecting diversity among all people and who ascribe to the hightest ethical standards and practices.

The Counselor Education faculty offer courses in the evening hours (4:00 - 9:00 p.m.), as we value supporting working students in pursuing their educational endeavors. Additionally, the counseling program maintains relationships with community settings (e.g., agencies, school, and institutions) where working students can complete the internship portions of their program, while fulfilling employment obligations elsewhere.

Program Metrics

25 Clinical Mental Health Counseling students, 15 School Counseling students, and 5 rehabilitation counseling students graduated in the 2017-2018 academic year (note, our admission rates changed effective  Spring/Summer 2019, so these data result from previous admission rates and program structure).

Our graduates consistently achieve high pass rates on licensing examinations. The pass rate for graduates taking the NCE examination in 2017-2018 was 90% for Clinical Mental Health Counseling, 100% in the  School Counseling Program, and 100% in the Rehabilitation Counseling program.

90% of Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduates, 100% of School Counseling graduates, and 100% of rehabilitation counseling graduates have secured employment upon graduation. Our doctoral program placement rate is 100%.

Program Evaluation

  1. 2019 CED Programs Biannual Report
  2. WSU CED 2017 Program Evaluation Report
  3. 2017 Student Demographics Survey Results Summary
  4. Program Evaluation 2014
    1. CED 2014 Improvement Plan