Plan of Work

At the time of admission to the Education Specialist Certificate program, an adviser is assigned who will assist the student is designing a Plan of Work, which will meet the individual and professional needs of the student.

The Plan of Work must be filed in triplicate and approved by the adviser and Graduate Officer during the semester in which the student is completing the first six (6) semester hours of course work following acceptance into the program. The applicant may not register for additional courses until the Plan of Work has been submitted and approved.

Community Agency, School Counseling and Advanced Clinical Training.

Candidates will develop a plan of work in consultation with an adviser.

Clinical Counseling Supervision Concentration

Course Number Title Credits
CED 8000 Seminar in Group Counseling 3 Cr.
CED 8020 Advanced Counseling Practicum 2 Cr. x 2 semesters
CED 8030 Advanced Consultation Theory & Methods 3 Cr.
CED 8040 Advanced Counseling Theory & Methods 3 Cr.
CED 8080 Advanced Career Counseling & Vocational Development 3 Cr.
CED 9020 Advanced Internship 4 Cr.
CED 9120 Seminar in Supervision 3 Cr.
  Electives chosen in consultation with an adviser 7 Cr.
Total Credits Required: 30 Cr.