Wayne State University

Education's Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are current undergraduate and graduate WSU College of Education students who volunteer throughout the year to help with student recruitment efforts in the college. Our student ambassadors serve as a point of contact for prospective students and various outreach events that the college hosts throughout the year.  By providing a voice from the students' perspective to promote both our undergraduate and graduate programs. The ambassadors support retention initiatives such as:

  • Return to Wayne
  • Provide various services to college and university events
  • Conduct campus tours for new and prospective students
  • Assist with duties and tasks related to events hosted by the college
  • Opportunities for service with the college and the university out in the community
  • Work with diverse populations

Request Form for Studemt Ambassador to assist with an event.

For More Information, contact: Tanesha Watkins or Kevin Williams in Academics Services for the College of Education.


Kristi Bruce

Major: Elementary Education







Dazmonique Carr

Major: Kinesiology/Exercise & Sport Science







Heather Davies

Major: Kinesiology/Health Education







Mira Dbouk

Major: Early Childhood Education







Desiree Frantum

Major: Kinesiology/Exercise & Sport Science







Shanice Holyfield

Major: Kinesiology/Community Health







Carmen Hoyos

Major: Bilingual/Bicultural Education







Alicia Jones

Major: Kinesiology/Neuroscience







Samantha Kluz

Major: Special Elementary Education







Douglas LaRowe

Major: Kinesiology/Exercise & Sport Science







Ivana Petrovski

Major: Kinesiology/Health Science







Tina Sherrell-O'Neal, Ph.D. Candidate

Major: Special Elementary Education






Lakita Snead

Major: Counseling/Art Therapy







Rachel Weber

Major: Kinesiology/Community Health Education






Jillian Weiss

Major: Kinesiology/Exercise & Sport Science







Renee Wilson

Major: Kinesiology/Exercise & Sport Studies







Chyna Willis,

Major: Early Childhood Education