Doctoral Resources

The Graduate Education Office of Academic Services is responsible for the annual doctoral orientation, approval of doctoral Plans of Work, the transfer of graduate credit, administering the Final Qualifying Exams, approving exam and dissertation committee membership, approval of dissertation prospectuses, the certification of the final defense of the dissertation and degree audits.

Annual Doctoral Orientation

Date to be Announced

The Annual Doctoral Orientation is an event by invitation only.  Students admitted to a Doctor of Education or Doctor of Philosophy for the Fall, Winter or Spring/Summer semesters are invited to attend.

Orientation Program

  • Library and Research Resources

  • Policies and Procedures:

    • Time limitations
    • Filing a Plan of Work
    • Annual Progress Reports
    • Final Qualifying Examinations
    • Dissertation Prospectus
    • Graduation
  • Services and Opportunitites at WSU
  • Words of wisdom from a member of the graduate faculty that directs dissertations
  • Recent and relevant experience from a doctoral graduate

Parking Instructions

Guest parking is available in Parking Structure #2 (entrance on Anthony Wayne Drive at Kriby). Please be prepared to pay upon entry to the structure.

Campus Map

Our campus map provides the locations of the campus buildings and/or parking structures.


Dissertation Format Guidelines

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Note: *Microsoft Word documents

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Note: *Microsoft Word documents