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College of Education 2007-2012 Strategic Plan


The mission of the College of Education is to prepare committed and competent professionals capable of facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to participate and contribute to a complex urban society. To work collaboratively toward fulfilling this mission, the faculty, administration, and staff of the College are committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service. This commitment is established within the goals of the College’s five-year Strategic Plan for 2007-2012. Attachment A summarizes the College’s strategic planning goals for Year I. (2007-2008), while Attachment B delineates details for the broader plan for both Year I. (2007-2008) and Years II-V (2008-2012). Each goal in the College’s Strategic Plan includes measurable objectives, action steps, and target completion/review dates, as well as reference numbers to specific goals stated in the University’s Strategic Plan, WSU— A Strategic Action Plan 2006-2011 (2006).

At its September 12, 2007 meeting, the College’s Assembly, comprised of faculty, administrators, and staff, approved this 2007-2012 Strategic Plan document. It is recognized by the Assembly that the 2007-2012 Strategic Plan represents a dynamic process— one that requires periodic review by the Assembly and appropriate modification of the actual written document as changing circumstances warrant and justify.

The stated goals in the College’s 2007-2012 Strategic Plan have been updated from the previous edition of the College’s Strategic Plan (2004). In the process of previously preparing for an accreditation review in 2004, the goals in this document were developed by standards’ committees comprised of College faculty, administrators, and staff. For more than a year, these committees engaged in a deliberative process which sought to address the dynamic characteristics of life in urban schools. Throughout this process, a premium was placed on the importance of sensitivity toward the special experiences, conditions and opportunities presented by culturally diverse student bodies.

The College’s goals in its 2007-2012 Strategic Plan are intended to reflect budgetary realities present in 2007-2008, as well as expectations regarding the potential impact of anticipated fiscal restraints immediately beyond 2008.
Finally, it is vitally important that the College’s goals are strategically linked to the University’s planning goals. Attachment C provides a list of goals from the document titled, WSU— A Strategic Action Plan 2006-2011 (2006). Selected goals from the University’s Strategic Plan are referenced in Attachment B of this document.