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Undergraduate Exam Requirements

How do I sign up for the Math Placement and English Proficiency Exams?

You can sign up for the exams by contacting the university’s Testing and Evaluation Department at (313) 577-3400. It is located in the Student Center Building on the sixth floor in Room 698.

When should I take these exams?

Freshmen and transfer students should take the English Proficiency Exam after completing their Basic and Intermediate Composition. The Math Placement exam should be taken prior to completion of thirty credit hours. Please do not put off taking your Math Placement and English Proficiency Exams. In the event that you do not pass, you will want to have sufficient time to retake the exam or pursue the coursework that will meet the requirement. Students will not be admitted into the College of Education until both the English Proficiency and Math Competency are met.

Do I have to take the Math Competency Exam if I’ve already taken math at another community college or university?

You may have met the Math Competency requirement if you have taken math at the pre-calculus level or higher (MAT 1800). Check with an Academic Services or University advisor to see if you have fulfilled this requirement

Do I have to take the English Proficiency Exam if I have already taken several English courses at another community college or university?

Yes, all undergraduate Wayne State University students must fulfill this requirement.

What if I fail either exam?

Students who fail the exam should prepare to repeat it by taking advantage of directed self-study and/or tutorial assistance. If you are unable to pass a second time, you would then need to take ENG 1080 to meet the English Proficiency requirement or MAT 0991 to meet the Math Competency requirement.

How can I prepare for the English Proficiency and Math Competency Exams?

You can prepare for the English Proficiency exam by attending a Writing Workshop. Contact the Writing Center at (313) 577-2544 to find out about the workshop dates and times. To prepare for the Math Competency exam, contact the Math Tutoring Center at (313) 577-3195 and make an appointment to meet with a math tutor.

Transfer Students

What should I do with my transcripts from the community college or university I attended prior to coming to Wayne State University?

You must contact the community college or university you attended to request an official transcript be sent to Wayne State University Admissions: Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 48202. Do not send your official copies to the College of Education. The College of Education will need an unofficial copy of your transcripts when you are ready to apply for admission to the College (showing the course number, title and grade of each course).

How do I find out what courses will transfer from my other institution?

Transfer equivalency courses are available on the web at: www.map.wayne.edu/futurestudents.htm. All courses specific to your program (elementary, secondary, or special education), major, minors, and the professional education sequence must be completed with a “C” or higher.After the transcripts from the institution(s) you previously attended are received in the Wayne State University Admissions Office, you will receive a transfer credit evaluation from the Transfer Credit Department. When you receive that evaluation, we strongly recommend that you make an appointment with an Academic Services advisor in the College of Education to review what courses you have left to complete and the requirements for admission to the College of Education. If you do not have your transfer credit evaluation, please bring your own copies of transcripts from each institution you have attended.

Are there any College of Education requirements I can work on while I am taking courses at a community college or other university?

Absolutely! You can take your Basic Skills Exam. The exam is offered four times a year (January, April, October, and July) and is issued through the Department of Education in Lansing. Registration booklets are available at the College of Education, through the Department of Education in Lansing, or possibly your community college’s advising office. You can also begin your group work with children. This is a requirement established by the State of Michigan. The College of Education requires student complete a minimum of 40 hours with three or more children or adolescents in which they are in some type of leadership role. Examples are: coaching, substitute teaching, volunteer at a day camp, day care assistant, para-professional, Girl/Boy Scout Leader, Sunday school teacher, etc. Group work with children or adolescents needs to be relatively recent (within the past five years).

State Basic Skills Exam

What is the State Basic Skills Exam?

The Basic Skills Exam tests competency in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. A passing score on the exam is required by the State of Michigan in order to become a certified teacher. The exam is offered at various locations throughout Michigan. The test is always conducted on a Saturday, four times a year: January, April, July and October.

When should I take the Basic Skills Exam?

It is strongly recommended that you complete the Basic Skills Exam as soon as you decide to pursue a teacher certification program. In the event you do not pass the exam, you will have time to retake it.

What if I only passed two parts of the exam, but failed one section? Do I have to retake all three parts?

No, you will only have to retake the section(s) you did not pass. However, you will have to pay the full amount for the entire exam. You will receive a $10 refund for each previously passed subtest. Refunds are processed following score reporting.

How should I prepare for the exam?

Please refer to the test objectives in the registration booklet. A study guide can be ordered for $6 through the registration packet. Students have often found SAT or ACT exam study guides to be very helpful. These guides can be purchased at bookstores or checked out at libraries.

I passed the Basic Skills Exam twenty years ago. Do I have to take it again?

No, your passing score for the Basic Skills Exam will never expire.

I indicated on the registration form to send my test results to Wayne State University. How do I know if the College of Education received my test results?

After the exam has been scored, the College of Education will receive a roster of all students who requested their results be sent to Wayne State University. In order to expedite the admission process, we request that you make a copy of your test results and include the copy with your application to the College of Education.

Graduate Admissions

Which programs require the Graduate Record Exam (GRE)?

MEd in Instructional Technology (if GPA is below 2.60)
MA in School and Community Psychology
MA in Marriage and Family Therapy
EdD and PhD in Counseling
PhD in Educational Psychology
EdD and PhD in Instructional Technology (also requires Miller’s Analogies Test and College of Education Writing Exam)
EdD and PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (requires either the GRE or Miller’s Analogies Test

Which programs require the Miller’s Analogies Test (MAT)?

EdD and PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (requires either the GRE or MAT)
EdD and PhD in Instructional Technology (also requires the GRE and the College of Education Writing Exam

What graduate programs require the Michigan Basic Skills Test?

All Master of Arts in Teaching programs. Please see handout titled State Basic Skills Exam for more information.

What are the admission application deadline dates that differ from the general university application deadlines?

Counseling Program: Fall: May 1; Winter: November 1, Spring/Summer: March 1
School & Community Psychology Program: April 15
Marriage & Family Therapy Program: April 15
Curriculum & Instruction Program: Fall: April 1; Winter: October 1; Spring/Summer: February 1
Educational Psychology Program (PhD only): February 14

Graduate Program Requirements

When are the doctoral qualifying examinations scheduled?

Twice a year. The written exams are held the third week of October and the last week of February. The oral exams should be held within 30 days following the written exams.

When should a master’s level student file a plan of work?

By the time eight to twelve credits have been earned. Please meet with your assigned faculty advisor to review your degree requirements and sign your plan of work.

When should an education specialist student file a plan of work?

Within the first six semester hours.

When should a doctoral student file a plan of work?

By the end of the student’s first year in the doctoral program.

What are the time limitations for the following?

Master’s Degree: Six years
Education Specialist Certificate: Six years
Doctoral Degree: Seven years

When does the time limitation begin?

The six to seven year time limitation begins when the student registers for the first class in the graduate sequence.

Scheduling Appointments with an Advisor

How do I make an appointment to see an undergraduate advisor in the College of Education?

All Academic Services advisors are available every Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for walk-in appointments. You can sign in to meet with an advisor in Room 489 Education Building. If you are unable to come during the Tuesday walk-in hours, you can call (313) 577-1601 to make an appointment.

I already have a bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue to a teaching certificate. Who should I contact for an appointment?

First, you need to attend a Certification Information Meeting. he dates for the Teacher Certification Meetings are available here. If you still have questions after attending the meeting, you can make an appointment with an undergraduate or graduate counselor by calling (313) 577-1601.

I wish to pursue a master’s degree or doctoral program other than the Master of Arts in Teaching. Who should I contact for an appointment?

Please contact the College of Education Graduate Office at (313) 577-1605.

I am currently a certified teacher and I would like to renew my teaching certificate. Who should I contact for an appointment?

If you are interested in pursuing a graduate program, please contact the College of Education Graduate Office at (313) 577-1605. If you are interested in adding an endorsement, please call either (313) 577-1605 or (313) 577-1601.

What should I bring to my appointment?

It is strongly recommended that you bring to any advising appointment your own copies of transcripts from all institution(s) you have attended. The College’s Academic Services office cannot always retrieve information about courses you have taken elsewhere, or even at Wayne State University, if they were taken before 1998. We also recommend that you bring a list of questions so we are sure to cover everything you wish to discuss.

If I already have a bachelor’s degree and would like to have my transcripts evaluated for the teacher certification program, can I make an appointment to have this done?

You must first complete a request for transcript evaluation. This form is available in the College’s Academic Services office and online at www.coe.wayne.edu/org/AS/Admission.html. We strongly recommend that you attend one of the Certification Information Meetings as well (see second item above). If you still have questions after you have attended the meeting and completed the request for evaluation, please make an appointment with the counselor who completed your evaluation

Job Placement Services

How does the Academic Services Placement Office accommodate students?

The College of Education offers Placement Services to its students seeking teaching positions. Students interested in using this service must establish a credential file.

When should I start a credential file?

At the time you start your pre-student teaching, you should obtain the Credential Kit from the Placement Office, which is located in Room 489 Education Building. The kit is self-explanatory.

There are several recommendation forms. Which one(s) are required for my file?

Recommendations may be confidential or non-confidential. Most personnel officers prefer the confidential recommendation forms. This requires that you sign a waiver, which means that you cannot read the recommendation. There are green and white recommendation forms. The green form must be used by your University Supervisors and Cooperating Teachers. Other recommendations are done on the white form. To send out the credential file to prospective employers, your file must be complete, including two green recommendations and one white. Students who have not completed student teaching should ask their Cooperating Teacher to complete a yellow recommendation form as a part of their completed file. As a new teacher, you should have no more than five recommendations in your file.

Is there a charge for sending out my credential file?

The College of Education will provide you with twenty (20) free credentials within six (6) months from the time you receive your degree/certification. After that it will cost $3.00 per address to send your credentials to prospective employers.

When is the Job Placement Fair?

The Job Placement Fair is held in April. All students who have completed certification in August, December or May will be notified of the interviews. Flyers will also be posted throughout the College of Education and Wayne State University.

Besides the Placement Fair, how else can I find out about open teaching positions?

You can come to the Academic Services office at any time Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. The office is also open until 6:00 p.m. Mondays and Tuesdays during the fall and winter semesters. All job postings are available in binders located by the tables between Rooms 489 and 469 Education Building