Meina Zhu

Meina  Zhu
Assistant Professor

365 Education Bldg.

Office Hours: Thursday 2:00 - 5:00 pm & By appointment.



Ph.D. (2019) Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.
MS (2011) Educational Technology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing
BA (2008) Educational Technology, Shandong Normal University, Jinan

Research Interests

Online education, MOOCs, self-directed learning, STEM education, and active learning.

Courses Taught

  • LDT 6140 Designing Web Tools for the Classroom
  • LDT 8100 Backgrounds, Issues, and Trends in Instructional Technology

Community Engagement Activities


  • AECT Summer Symposium Intern, July 2019
  • ISTE Tech-In-Action Award Committee, April 2019 - Present
  • AECT Research & Theory Division Communications Officer Elect, March 2019 - Present
  • Open Education 2019 Program Committee, Oct. 2018 - Present
  • HKAECT Program Committee, July 2018 - Present
  • AECT Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) Representative, March 2018 - Present
  • Technical Supporter and Office Administrator, Member of Society of International Chinese in Educational Technology (SICET) 2017 - 2018
  • Learning and Teaching with Technology Committee, Indiana University, School of Education (classroom technology evaluation team), 2018
  • Parliamentarian at Graduate of Instructional Systems Technology (GIST), Indiana University, Aug. 2016-May. 2017
  • Facilitation Team Leader in IST conference, Indiana University, 2016 - 2017

Journal Reviewer/Editorial Board Member

  • Editorial board member of Distance Education, 2019 - Present
  • Performance Improvement Quarterly (PIQ), 2019 - Present
  • Frontiers Psychology, 2019
  • Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology (JoTLT), 2019
  • Journal of Learning for Development (JL4D), 2019
  • Computers & Education, 2018 - Present
  • Online Learning Journal, 2018, 2019
  • The Asia Pacific Education Review (APER), 2018
  • The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning (IRRODL), 2017 - Present

Conference Reviewer

  • International Conference on Educational Innovation through Technology (EITT 2019), Biloxi, MS
  • AECT proposal reviewer, 2016, 2017, 2019
  • AERA proposal reviewer, 2018, 2019
  • International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), 2019
  • IST Conference, Indiana University, 2016, 2018


  • 2018 AECT Early Career Research Symposium Award, AECT
  • 2018 Jerrold E. Kemp Instructional Systems Technology Fellowship Fund, Indiana University
  • 2018 L.C. and Sharon Larson Fund, Indiana University
  • 2018 OER Research Fellows, the Open Education Group.
  • 2017 Jerrold E. Kemp Instructional Systems Technology Fellowship Fund, Indiana University
  • 2017 L.C. and Sharon Larson Fund, Indiana University
  • 2015-2019 School of Education Fellowship, Indiana University
  • 2010 Academic Excellent Scholarship, Beijing Normal University


(* = peer reviewed)


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