Leah Suzanne Goudy

Leah Suzanne Goudy
Adjunct Faculty - Special Education

Office Hours: By appointment.



Bachelors of Science in Education - Wayne State University

Master of Education with a major in Kinesiology - Wayne State University

Doctor of Philosophy with a major in Kinesiology - Texas Woman's University

Cognitive Impairment endorsement 

Adapted Physical Education endorsement

National Certification of Adapted Physical Education (CAPE)



Leah Goudy has taught a variety of grades k-12 in general education as well as special education. Leah's primary area of teaching is special education in a variety of settings including facilities for at risk youth and early childhood intervention for motor skill developmental delays. Currently Leah enjoys teaching special education in higher education at Wayne State University. Further, she continues her work in adapted physical education as a consultant to independent school districts working with students of all ages and grades with motor skill developmental delays. Her current interest in research includes best practice for younger students with autism, as well as, working with individuals with Parkinson's disease. Leah's latest research includes the effect of simulated horseback riding on balance and quality of life in older adults with Parkinson's disease. In addition to research on structured play groups and students with autism. 

Academic Interests

  • Education 
  • Special Education
  • Adapted Physical Education
  • Kinesiology

Area Of Expertise

  • Special Education
  • Adapted physical education-motor delays
  • Equine Assisted Therapy

Research Interests

Research interests in a variety of areas such as:

  • Best practice for individuals with Autism
  • Individuals with Parkinson's disease, balance and gait issues
  • Quality of life for individuals with disabilities
  • Service animals and animal therapy

Courses Taught

Wayne State University
• SED 5103 - Curriculum Instructional Strategies-Cognitive Impairments
• SED 5030 - Exceptional Children
• SED 5030 - Curriculum and Institutional Settings: Cognitive Impairments
• SED 5010 - Exceptional Children
• KINS 5110 - Motor Learning and Development
• KINS 5410 - Methods and Materials: Adapted Aquatics
• Physical Activity Leadership Internship

University of North Texas
• KINS 3350 – Pedagogical Skills, Strategies, and Management in Physical Education and Movement for Children
• KINS 4102 & 4104 - Student Teaching in Physical Education

Texas Woman’s University
• KINS 2621 - Motor and Aquatics Lab
• KINS 2623 - Adapted Physical Activity
• KINS 4821 - Motor and Physical Assessment Lab
• KINS 4822 - Assessment in Adapted Physical Education
• KINS 4801 - Disability Sport Intern

• KINS 5603 - Growth and Perceptual Motor Development
• KINS 5853 - Assessment in Adapted Physical Education


Community Engagement Activities

  • Athletes with Autism (AwA) Coach and Lead Trainer 2013 - 2015
  • Worked in small group setting with athletes with autism, working on a variety of sport skills
  • Use social stories, visual schedules and iPads to shape behaviors and motivate the athlete
  • Camp Abilities Michigan - Assistant Executive Director 2014 - 2017
  • Youth visual impairment camp, Implement Adapted sports, promote physical education and physical activities
  • Develop skills to allow students to be successful within physical education
  • Involved with all activities internal and external for campers and families
  • Equine therapy volunteer for children with disabilities
  • Involved with and conducted needs assessments in rural communities to promote health care needs and support healthy communities


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