Donna Carroll

Donna  Carroll
441 Education Building

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:00 - By Appointment

(313) 577-8116
(313) 577-3606

  • Online Teaching Graduate Certificate (Wayne State University)
  • M.Ed. - Instructional Design (Wayne State University)
  • B.F.A. - Graphic Design (Wayne State University)


Serve as Communications/Webmaster for the College of Education, Dean’s Office. Develop and management of the infrastructure of the college website. Re-evaluate design and content to align to the college and university goals, policies, and procedures in regards to content.  Meet with Dean, Assistant Deans, Program Coordinators, and Faculty to assess the needs of college programs for the website. Ensure sites are functioning properly and are available to users.

Provide Graphic Design support for the college and special projects.

Part-time, College of Education, Teacher Education, Art Education

Courses Taught

  • Computer graphics in the classroom


Hybrid Teaching for Art Education in Higher Education: Transitioning from Traditional Classroom
Carroll, D 2015   Lilly Conference - College and University Teaching and Learning, Traverse City, MI.
The Creative Learner & The E-Portfolio
Carroll, D. 2011   New Literacies Conference, Detroit, MI.
Closing The Loop with Training for Faculty & Students
Carroll, D. 2011   LiveText Assessment & Collaboration Conference, Chicago, IL.
Workshop: Video Publishing: Creating a Video Using iMovie
Carroll, D. (Co-Presenter) 2009   MACUL Conference, Detroit, MI.
Podcasting 101 - Exploring Creating & Support
Carroll, D. 2007   MACUL Conference, Detroit, MI.
Workshop: Creating with iPods
Carroll, D. (Co-Presenter) 2007   SITE Conference, San Antonio, TX.
The "New" Adult Literacy: Mobile Technology for Learning
Carroll, D. (Co-Presenter) 2006   MAACE Conference, Mt. Pleasant, MI.
Our Actions, Plagiarism & Our Learning Environment
Carroll, D. 2006   MACUL Conference, Grand Rapids, MI.
Workshop: Building a Podcast Learning Tool
Carroll, D. (Co-Presenter) 2006   SITE Conference, Orlando, FL.
Poster Presentation: PT3 Grant - "Teachers on the Go" Program
Carroll, D. (Co-Presenter) 2005   SITE Conference, Phoenix, AZ.
Poster Presentation: PT3 Grant - "Teachers on the Go" Program
Carroll, D. (Co-Presenter) 2004  

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