Wayne State University

Susan L. Gabel

Susan L. Gabel
Professor of Inclusive and Special Education
289 Education Building

Office Hours: By appointment.

(313) 577-6382

  • PhD, Michigan State University
  • MEd, Wayne State University



Dr. Gabel was a special education teacher for 15 years. Her teaching experience spans the full range of special education support services, including segregated facilties, self-contained classrooms in regular schools, and full inclusion. Her research examines the institution (e.g., education) as a site of exclusion of difference, particularly disability-as-difference. Alternatively, her university teaching focuses on inclusive policy and practice. 


Research and Teaching

Academic Interests

  • Inclusive Education
  • Disability Studies in Education
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disability
  • International and Comparative Studies


Area Of Expertise

  • Inclusive Education
  • Disability Studies in Education
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disability
  • International and Comparative Studies
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Critial Discourse Analysis

Research Interests

  • Inclusive Education
  • Disability Studies in Education
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disability


Courses Taught

 Inclusive Education, Curriculum, & Pedagogy

Community Engagement Activities

 Participates in the Detroit Public Schools Community District Academic Council


Providing students with disabilities a quality higher education
2008 - 2012

Awards & Honors

Senior Scholar Award, Disability Studies in Education
Faculty Research Award
US Rehabilitation Services Administration Institute on Rehabilitation Issues Scholar
Irving K. Zola Emerging Scholar Award, Honorable Mention, The Society for Disability Studies


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