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Sally K. Roberts

Sally K. Roberts
Assistant Professor
297 Education

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  • Ed.D.,  Curriculum & Instruction, Curriculum & Instruction, Wayne State University, 1995 
  • M.A., Elementary Education,  Wayne State University, 1972 
  • B.A., Elementary Education,  Alma College,  1969
  • Michigan Elementary Permanent Teaching Certificate


Dr. Sally Roberts was a mathematics specialist and elementary school teacher in the Detroit Public Schools for 23 years prior to coming to Wayne State University. Dr. Roberts has a special interest in elementary and middle school mathematics education. Her research interests include mathematical problem solving; the teaching and learning of geometry; and the development of the matheamatical understandings of teachers. Dr. Roberts has made conference presentations on these topics a the national, state and local level and has published articles on these topics in Teaching Children Mathematics and Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School.

Dr. Roberts is the Director of the GO-GIRL (Gaining Options: Girls Investigate Real Life) program at Wayne State University. The program serves adolescent girls from the community and provides an alternative pre-student field experience for students in the College of Education.


Director for the GO-GIRL (Gaining Options: Girls Investigate Real Life) program. For more information about the program visit the GO-GIRL web site at: 


Academic Interests

  1. The development of the pedogogical content knowledge of elementary and middle school teachers
  2. Mathematics teaching and learning in early childhood
  3. Mathematical representations and models

Area of Expertise

  1. Early childhood mathematics
  2. Mathematical reasoning in elementary and middle school

Research Interests

  1. Mathematical problem solving
  2. Teaching and learning of geometry
  3. Development of the mathematical understandings of teachers
  4. Women and girls participation and access to STEM related education and careers

Community Engagement Activities

GO-GIRL (Gaining Options: Girls Investigate Real Life).


Gaining Options: Girls Investigate Real Life through Health Related STEM Disciplines
2011 - 2016    1,716,564.00  from National Institutes of Health
This science research education project aims to increase high school girls’ interest in and capacity for STEM disciplines through a coordinated set of activities including a summer academy, parent support, and a year round mentoring program.
STRONG (Self-Theories Research Enables New Growth)
2010 - 2012
GO-GIRL Opertion KiT (Keeping in Touch)
2009 - 2011
GO-GIRL Opertion KiT (Keeping in Touch)
2008 - 2009
Supporting culturally responsive practice through alternative field experiences for teacher candidates
2006 - 2007
Gaining Options-Girls Investigate Real Life
2006 - 2007
GO-GIRL Demonstration Program Grant
2006 - 2007
Gaining Options: Girls Investigate Real Life
2006 - 2007
GO-GIRL Urban Partnerships
2005 - 2007
This award lead to the dissemination of the GO-GIRL Program at 5 sister institutions: University of Pennsylvania; Howard, Washington DC; Illinois Wesleyan, Bloomington, IL; Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL; and St. Joseph's College, CT.
Girls Exploring Mathematics Through Social Science
2004 - 2005

Awards & Honors

University Faculty Service Award
College of Education Outstanding Educator Award
Third Annual Kathleen Reilly Koory Endowed Faculty Development Award
Detroit Area Council of Mathematics, Outstanding Mathematics Educator of the Year
College of Education Excellence in Teaching Award
Wayne State University Presidential Award
Wayne State University Presidential Award
Wayne State University Presidential Award


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