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Gerald R. Oglan

Gerald R. Oglan
Associate Professor, Special Education
263 South Education

Office Hours: Wednesday, 1-4 p.m.  Skype Appointments Available by emaiing Dr. Oglan to set up the appointment.

(313) 577-9069
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Graduate: M.Ed.University of Windsor, 1986.
     Ph.D.University of South Carolina, 1992.

Baccalaureate: University of Windsor, 1975.

Licensure: Bachelor of Education, University of Windsor, 1976.

Certification: Physical and Health Education, Specialist Certification
                                  Ministry of Education
                                  University of Western Ontario
                                  London, Ontario, Canada, July, 1985

                                  Special Education, Specialist Certification
                                  Ministry of Education
                                  University of Windsor
                                  Windsor, Ontario, Canada, July,1985.


Dr. Gerry Oglan has been a member of the Wayne State University faculty since 1995.  Prior to this he taught for 20 years in public schools, 13 years were spent teaching learning disabled students.  During his tenure at Wayne State, he spent 5 years on the Reading, Language and Literature faculty and another 5 years teaching and coordinating the special education program.  Dr. Oglan served as the Assistant Dean in the Teacher Education Division and has returned to teaching as a member of the special education faculty.

Dr. Oglan has published a number of books and articles dealing with classroom and curricular modifications for special education and regular education students.  He has also published two books for parents on how they can use the home environment to support and enhance the education of their children. 

Dr. Oglan is Nationally and Internationally recognized as an expert in his field. He has worked on the Pathways and Limited License to Instruct Programs at Wayne State, established after school programs through Federal Grants in the city of Detroit.  He has  worked with the Nigerian Reading Association, Council for Exceptional Children, National Reading Council, National Council of Teachers of English, International Reading Association, Ministry of Education and Training, Toronto Ontario, Canada, American Association of College Teacher Educators and the Michigan Council of Exceptional Children.


Advisor for Learning Disabilities, graduate studies.  Instructor for SED 7800 part one and SED 7800 part two.  Liaison for Canadian Teacher Certification Program.

Academic Interests

Leanring Disabilities and the relationship of information sent and received by the brain through the central nervous system.

Area Of Expertise

  • Parent Literacy/Working with Parents
  • Spelling development
  • Teaching writiing across the curriculum
  • Learning Disabilities, Learning Styles and Brain Hemisphericity

Research Interests

  • Teaching writing with a focus on editing and revision of text with K-8 students.
  • Parent Literacy
  • Learning Disabilities

Courses Taught

  • Graduate
    • SED 7770 - Assessment Of Special Needs
    • SED 7800 - Practicum in LD
    • SED 7999 - Master Project
    • RLL  7600 - Current Issue in Reading
    • ED    5998 - Field Studies
    • ED    7998 - Field Studies
    • ED    7999 - Masters Project/Thesis
    • ED    9989 - Dissertation Prep
    • ED    9999 - Dissertation Prep
  • Online Teaching: Graduate
    • SED 5060 - Effective Strategies for Exceptional Learners
    • SED 5600 - Collaboration and Support for Inclusions
    • SED 7760 - Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities Birth to Adult
    • SED 7779 - Assessment and Evaluation of Students with Special Needs
    • SED 7800 - Practicum in Special Education
    • ED   7999 - Masters Essay and Project


Staff Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant
2002 - 2005
21st Century Community Service Learning Program
1998 - 1999

Awards & Honors

Recipient, 1992 Convention Award in Tourism, City of Windsor, Windsor Convention Bureau, Windsor, Ontario.
Award of Excellence in Special Education, Exemplary Classroom Practices for Learning Disabled Students, Ontario Institute for Studies In Education, Toronto, Ontario.


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