Poverty Conference Overview


February 5, - 7, 2014

Join us for conversation and dialogue on the

impact of poverty on education!

Keynote Speakers:

michaeldantley.jpgMichael E. Dantley, Ed.D., Dean of Loyola University Chicago, has more than 20 years of experience in higher education, including academic appointments in the School of Education, Health and Society at Miami University and, more recently, university leadership positions at Miami.   Dr. Dantley’s research focuses on leadership, spirituality, social justice and new ways to define academic success for urban school youth and the kind of school leadership that will promote a more holistic perspective on academic achievement.  Dr. Dantley’s passion is to infuse a radical, prophetic rhetoric into the social justice and educational leadership discourse.  He has been published in several educational journals and has provided chapters in several edited texts including the new Sage Handbook of Educational Leadership for Social Justice: Making It Happen, Inspiring Practice: Spirituality and Educational Leadership.


Carolyn M. Shields, Ph.D., is a professor at the College of Education at Wayne State University in Detroit. Her teaching and research focus on leadership for academic excellence and social justice, including the creation of environments in which democratic organizations can effectively prepare students for participation, engagement and citizenship in a pluralistic civil society and global community. Dr. Shields’ research has resulted in over 130 publications in a wide variety of formats, including 10 books, discipline-leading refereed journals, practitioner-owned publications, policy documents, invited book chapters, and consulting reports.  During the past 20 years she has also made over 60 invited keynote and other presentations, and hundreds of refereed or reviewed conference presentations both at home and abroad.


Ingrid Guerra-López, PhD., is an Associate professor of Design and Performance Systems in the Instructional Technology Program, and Director of the Institute for Learning and Performance Improvement at WSU.  She is a best-selling author and Editor-In-Chief of the International Society for Performance Improvement’s (ISPI) research journal Performance Improvement Quarterly. Her work is focused on improving human and organizational performance through performance measurement and feedback, with particular focus on the mapping and monitoring of performance indicators. She has published six books and several articles.

Her latest book, Needs Assessment for Organizational Success (2013) has become the American Society for Training and Development’ (ASTD) best-selling book ever.  Her book, Performance Evaluation: Proven Approaches for Improving Program and Organizational Performance, is one of the most widely used evaluation books in the field. Dr. Guerra-Lopez has mentored hundreds of performance improvement students, executives, managers, and other professionals.  Additionally, she has disseminated performance improvement research and evidenced-based practices internationally in 34 countries, across 5 continents working with clients in government, international development, corporate, education, and healthcare sectors

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