Congratulations to Alycia Meriweather (COE '01) being named Interim Superintendent for Detroit Public Schools

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Alycia Meriweather (COE '01 and Ph.D. candidate in Curriculum & Instruction of Teacher Education Division), has been named the Interim Superintendent for Detroit Public Schools. "Alycia Meriweather has been teaching in our division for many years working in the area of science education in the Woodrow Wilson program; she also has been teaching a course on classroom management for several years. The students here at WSU in her classes think very highly of her as a teacher and a leader." says Assistant Dean Kathleen Crawford-McKinney of our Teacher Education Division. As noted in the announcement, "Meriweather said she'll be focusing on a number of issues, including improving the culture and climate of the schools, as well as academic standards, early literacy, alternative learning environments for students, and  college and career readiness." The college is proud to know that she will be leading DPS during this time and we want to express our support to Alycia Meriweather in this very important role she takes on to lead the city's school district.

Full article in the Detroit Free Press

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