College of Education through the division of KHS offers lifestyle fitness activities that provides opportunities to learn quality fitness skills

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“Yoga helps better your mind, body, spirit, and energy. It helps you become happier. Who doesn’t want that; especially in college, when stress is at an all-time high” states Regina Ward, yoga instructor for Wayne State University.  She not only believes that it helps students momentarily forget about their hard classes, but also believes that it can encourage them to look at the classes from a different perspective.

Six years ago Ward began her career at Wayne State University as a Zumba instructor. Three years later she became certified in yoga and has been teaching yoga classes for the Lifestyle Fitness Activity program ever since.

At a young age, Regina’s mother was the first person to introduce her to yoga. Since then, the activity has held her interest and grown into one of her biggest passions. To coincide with her love for yoga, Regina also has a passion for teaching which is why becoming a yoga instructor seemed like a no-brainer to her.

While complex yoga poses can look scary from the outside, Regina hopes that it isn’t what is pushing people away from yoga. “Yoga shows you these challenging poses and helps you work through them step by step. This can then be translated to daily situations, whether it be facing a big exam or dealing with a crisis at work.” It’s more than what you see on the surface; it teaches you lessons and skills, like breathing techniques, which will stay with you long beyond the class.

Aside from Wayne State, Regina has a small yoga studio in Corktown and is the owner of her own business- Living Our True Unique Self Inc. “If the big studios intimidate you, this might be the place for you. It’s a smaller place and can prepare you for the bigger stuff. It’s a good place to start your journey in yoga.”

On top of all that, Ward also recently became a new author. Her first book, What the [bleep] Do I Know? (I’m Just a Yoga Teacher!) is now available on Amazon. Her book compiles Facebook and blog posts that she has written over the years, after her life was stricken by an unforeseen tragedy. She used the time afterwards as a time where she finally felt free to say what she wanted to say and feel how she wanted to feel. After a few years, she complied all these posts into a book to express her true feelings and it shows others that you aren’t alone. The posts range from short thoughts to long stories, each one a different look into everyday life. Regina decided to put this book out there so that the reader, whoever they may be, could feel safe and happy in knowing that there are others out there just like them, who might be going through the same thing. It helps to know that somewhere, someone can relate.

The Lifestyle Fitness Activity program offers yoga classes every semester and Regina would like to encourage everyone to become a part of the yoga community.

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