College of Education Faculty celebration Winter 2018 Capstone Celebration with teaching candidates

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On Tuesday, April 24th the Office of Clinical Experiences in the Division of Teacher Education for the College of Education held their Winter Capstone Celebration. Teaching candidates completing their student teaching engaged in collegial dialogue about their teaching practices, professional growth and goals. The candidates presented their e-portfolios and artifacts to support their discussion with Education faculty, outside community superintendents, principals and teachers from our partner school districts. Below are our teaching candidates and their concentration area:

Elementary Education Early Childhood Education

  • Amanda Akers
  • Mira Dbouk
  • Chelsea Zimmerman
  • Shanice Jones
  • Paris Webb

Elementary Education Science

  • Catherine Kawalec
  • Kersten McGlinchey
  • Stefanie Lang
  • Nadia Musleh

Elementary Education Social Studies

  • Bradley Guenther
  • Garrett Maximiuk
  • Chinaron Vilayvong
  • Sean Winkelseth

Elementary Education Inclusive and Special Education

  • Paige Pasternak
  • Kristen Blank
  • London Rose
  • Mia Tavalieri
  • Kimberly Brogan

Elementary Education Inclusive, Special Education & ELA

  • Amber Pietraszewski
  • Britni Hunt
  • Brian Jones
  • Emma Fantuzzi
  • Samantha Pytleski
  • Dzenita Hasanpahic

Secondary Education English

  • Rachel Alsaiyad
  • Nicholas Gensheimer
  • Sarah Nafees
  • Bushrah Rahman
  • Joseph Sames
  • Clorissa Huddleston
  • Brendan Lopus
  • Kaila Somerville

Elementary & Secondary Education Modern Languages - Bilingual/Bicultural Education

  • Deana Daniels
  • Anna Noronha
  • Xavier Andrade
  • Mor Xiong

Secondary Education Social Studies

  • Katie Bushe
  • Ryan Hines
  • Andrew Parski
  • Lile Smiljanovski

Secondary Education Social Studies/Science

  • Mackenzie Stuart
  • Mariusz Szczepaniak
  •  Robert Pluta
  • Philip Trela

Secondary Education Science

  • Caleb Gyani
  • Mariam Aboudib
  • Jason Bodson
  • Danielle Jafer

Secondary Education Mathematics, Political Science and Social Studies

  • Christian Guevara
  • David Regan, Jr.
  • Charles Semarjian
  • Jonathan Howlett

Art Education

  • Sarah Klatt
  • Zarina Maratova
  • Elisabel Vega-Argueta

Dance Education

  • Elizabeth Piskor

Physical Education & Health

  • Kristen Long
  • Robert Webb

Music Education

  • Anthony Beitel
  • Jenny Lentz
  • Madison Hilborn
  • Moriah Sultes
  • Ryan Mercier

Each of the candidates had an opportunity to reflect on their teaching practices and how they grew and continue to grow as an educator. The candidates will now move on to work as school teachers in elementary, middle and high schools in Detroit and across Michigan. The candidates completed their programs that included course work, many hours of clinical practice, working with a mentor teacher and a university faculty supervisor to gain the important practical experience needed to begin their career as teachers.