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Masters of Arts in Sports Administration


The Master of Arts Degree in Sports Administration is designed to prepare the student for a career within the broad spectrum of sports programs, sports agencies and related organizations. Students may select courses from four areas of specialization: Interscholastic Athletic Administration, Intercollegiate Athletic Administration, Professional Sports Administration or Commercial Sports Administration.


The main objective of this interdisciplinary degree program is to prepare students for a wide range of positions within sport-related organizations. The Master of Arts degree in Sports Administration is flexible in format. Students may tailor their program of study to meet specific educational and employment objectives. In developing the Plan of Work (courses to be taken) for each student, consideration will be given to the student's educational background, experience and goals.

The Master of Arts Degree in Sports Administration requires the student to complete 34 hours of course work. The Plan of Work includes 11 hours of required course work, with the remaining courses to be selected in consultation with the graduate advisor. A special feature of the Sports Administration program allows students to custom design their program to suit their education and employment objectives.


Further information may be obtained in the Graduate Student Handbook or by calling a program advisor at (313) 577-2704 or by writing:

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