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Undergraduate Kinesiology Pedagogy Teacher Preparation Track

The professional preparation program in Kinesiology leading to the Bachelor of Science degree requires a minimum of 124 credit hours and is divided into three general areas of study:

  • General Education
  • Kinesiology Pedagogy
  • Professional Education

General Education

A minimum of 40 semester hours in general education courses are required for all students in the Kinesiology Pedagogy program.  General Education requirements include demonstration of competency in written communication, mathematics, oral communication, computer literacy and critical thinking through examination and/or completion of specific courses.  In addition, students must complete the following group requirements: 

  • Two courses in the natural sciences (one must have a lab),
  • One course in historical studies,
  • Two courses in the social sciences,
  • One course in foreign culture, one course in the visual and performing arts,
  • One course in philosophy and letters. 
  • Specific General Education requirements are listed in the University Bulletin and in the Schedule of Classes.

Kinesiology Pedagogy

The professional preparation program in Kinesiology offers two options:  the Kinesiology Pedagogy Track and the Exercise and Sport Science Track.  The Pedagogy Track is for students who plan to teach physical education.  Students who complete all of the requirements of this track are certified to teach physical education at both elementary and secondary levels. 

Students must complete:

  1. The Common Core and Specialized Core requirements as outlined on the curriculum sheets.
  2. Maintain a 2.5 grade point average, overall and in the major.
  3. Earn a "C" or better in BIO 2870, Anatomy and Physiology, as well as all Kinesiology and Education courses and in all minor courses. A grade of "C-" does not meet this requirement.

Professional Education

See the curriculum sheet and your academic advisor to determine specific Professional Education requirements. Students must earn a "C" or better in Education courses, and grades of "C-" or below do not meet this requirement.

All KIN professional classes MUST be taken at Wayne State University unless transferred from another four-year institution with a Physical Education major.

Students in the Pedagogy Track MUST develop a minor (20-24 hours) or a second major (30-36 hours). Students may develop a minor or a second major from the areas listed below:

20 Hour Minor* 24 Hour Group Minor*
Biology Geology Health Education
Chemistry History Science
Computer Science Mathematics Social Science
Dance Political Science  
Economics Physical Education  
English Physics  
Foreign Language Speech  

*Consult the "Combined Secondary Education Curriculum Guide" for specific course requirements in these minors. Guides are available in Room 469 Education Building. Also check the University Bulletin for a list of methods courses required of secondary minors.

Group Minors

Health Education -- A copy of the requirements for this minor is included. Consult with Dr. Steven Singleton, for advising in the Department of Health Education, (313) 577-7544; Room 248 Education.

20-Hour Minors

Kinesiology Pedagogy Track


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