Wayne State University

Masters Physical Education and Physical Activity Leadership

The Master of Education Degree in Physical Education, Pedagogy is designed to meet the needs of state certified teachers wishing to continue an in-depth study of physical education pedagogy including the study of teaching, teacher education, and curriculum for academic and/or professional careers in physical education pedagogy. Another emphasis is designed to provide both a theoretical and practical background for the teacher, coach, or administrator of physical education and sports programs in schools at the elementary or secondary level.

The degree program requires a minimum of 34 credit hours and is divided into three general areas of study:

  • Specialization courses
  • General professional courses
  • Selected courses (i.e. elective choices)

As a culminating experience, students may elect a thesis or project option. This experience is included within the "Specialization Courses" credit hour requirement.

This program prepares students for further academic studies and/or professional development in physical education pedagogy. Physical education pedagogy is comprised of three sub-disciplines, the study of research on teaching, teacher education, and curriculum theory.