Wayne State University

Master of Arts in Teaching Kinesiology Pedagogy

This program prepares students for the teaching profession or academic studies in physical education pedagogy. Students study the physiological, psychological, and sociological bases of human movement; instructional methodologies; teacher education; and school curricula through a combination of intensive practical and research activities.

This M.A.T. degree is designed to enable individuals with a Bachelor's degree in a non-teaching field to attain a Master's degree, while simultaneously acquiring Michigan teaching certification. The degree is comprised of three sequential components:

  • Post-bachelor prerequisite courses (32 credits)
  • Teacher certification courses (28 credits)
  • Master's degree finalization courses (12 - 13 credits)

After completion of the post-bachelor prerequisite coursework, students apply for graduate status in the College of Education, develop a graduate plan of work, and complete the remaining two areas of coursework. Students obtain teacher certification after completion of the second component of the program and typically begin teaching employment while they complete the Master's finalization coursework.

All students in PE Teacher Certification Programs must review the Statement of Student Requirements and contact their individual advisors in Kinesiology/Pedagogy if they have any questions.