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Doctorate Physical Education Pedagogy

The Division of Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies (KHS) within the College of Education is pleased to announce that on July 1, 2009 the WSU Board of Governors approved the establishment of a Doctor of Philosophy degree program in Kinesiology effective the Fall 2009 semester. The new Ph.D. in Kinesiology will prepare students to become teachers and researchers at higher education institutions and other venues requiring Ph.D. trained professionals. Students may select concentrations in either Exercise and Sport Science or Physical Education Pedagogy. Furthermore, students will be offered unique opportunities to conduct research in urban settings and to develop a breadth of knowledge across related disciplines such as nutrition, physical therapy, medicine and education. The program will follow policies and procedures for Ph.D. programs already established by the WSU Graduate School and by the College of Education. It requires a minimum of 100 credit hours including: 30 credits of dissertation; statistics and research methods courses; doctoral seminars; and cognate and elective courses. Normally, students who make regular progress should be able to complete the degree requirements in four years.

The doctoral program will prepare the next generation of researchers and scholars in Kinesiology. These individuals are also expected to become outstanding teachers and leaders in their respective fields. Our doctoral students will obtain professional communication skills that are appropriate to their specialization. These skills will be refined through regular participation in scientific conferences and scholarly presentations. Students will have access to a broad array of resources available at Carnegie I level research institutions, including WSU.

KHS faculty members have a scholarly achievement record commensurate with faculty in similar programs that offer doctoral degrees in Kinesiology. The new Ph.D. program in Kinesiology will enable faculty with doctoral students to pursue larger and more ambitions research programs. In addition, it will help the KHS division attract new faculty who have aggressive research agendas. The potential impact is great. Nationally, Wayne State’s program will be one of only five doctoral programs offered by urban institutions. This new program gives us a unique opportunity to offer a state-of-the-art doctoral program and to conduct cutting-edge research addressing urban issues and problems. An example is examining the dimensions of active living communities, obesity, and levels of physical activity in urban settings.

Physical Education Pedagogy and Exercise and Sport Science concentrations will offer graduate students access to laboratories and opportunities to plan and conduct research viable for publication. Peer learning through laboratory working groups is an important component of doctoral programs in Kinesiology. Laboratory groups will examine and debate the merits of potential research topics and agendas. Lastly, this increased level of academic rigor will lead to an increased level of external funding for research and student support.

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