Lifestyle Fitness Activities

The Lifestyle Fitness Activities (LFA) program serves the local campus and community to provide them with the skillsknowledge, and confidence to participate for a lifetime in physical fitness activities, sports, and games. 

Individuals have the opportunity to learn to swim, practice T'ai Chi, yoga, and mindfulness, enroll in a variety of group fitness classes, participate in team and individual sports, learn to box, grapple and other martial arts, and even qualify for American Red Cross certificate in CPR and First Aid.  

The Division of Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies offers a diverse selection of Lifestyle Fitness Activity courses designed for individuals who want to take charge of their own health, quality of life and create life-long healthy habits.  While attending WSU, students will have an opportunity to learn to swim, study T'ai Chi, participate in team sports, strength train, take a variety of fitness classes, and even qualify for American Red Cross certificate in First Aid/CPR.  

Why take a LFA Course?

  1. You receive academic credit that counts towards your total required to graduate.
  2. Physical activity can increase your academic performance.
  3. You can increase mobility, functional fitness, and develop habits for a lifetime!
  4. Physical activity can help you manage stress—plus, classes are really fun!
  5. They are a critical element to living a healthy life.

LFA Coordinator: Kristen Kaszeta 313-577-6210

To request an override into an LFA course please use the link below:

Request an Override into a Kinesiology Course

*Please be advised that late overrides will not be processed for LFA courses after the 3rd week of classes (for LFA 2330- First Aid and CPR, overrides will not be granted after the 2nd week of classes)*