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Lifestyle Fitness Activities

The Division of Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies offers a diverse and interesting selection of courses designed for individuals who want to take charge of their own health, quality of life and recreational future. Never again in your life will you have the opportunity to learn so many different valuable recreational and fitness skills so conveniently, and with such first-rate instruction. While attending WSU, you will have an opportunity to learn to swim, fence, study T'ai Chi, participate in team sports, strength train, take a variety of fitness classes, and even qualify for American Red Cross certificate in First Aid/CPR.  Your time at Wayne State is a rare opportunity to begin a lifetime program of fitness and recreational activities that will serve you well now and into your future.

LFA Coordinator: Kristen Kaszeta (313) 577-6210

The link below is a student interest survey about the current Lifestyle Fitness Activity classes. Please take the survey (approximately 5 minutes) and provide feedback to help create different LFA courses, more time options, and new course ideas.  All survey participants will be eligible to win WSU gear.

Course Descriptions and Syllabi

The program is constantly reviewing and improving our course offerings to best meet the needs of our students as they compete in an increasing competitive, global and technical society.

Course descriptions and syllabi are listed below. Course syllabi will change from semester to semester. the course content may remain largely the same but with perhaps different emphases on specific topics. Students are advised to seek the active syllabus for a course from the active course Blackboard page.

Spring/Summer 2017

  • LFA 1230 - Sculpt, Stretch and Tone
  • LFA 1250 - Zumba™ (Section 32987)
  • LFA 1250 - Zumba™ (Section 33631)
  • LFA 1250 - Zumba™ (Section 31859)
  • LFA 1320 - Boot Camp Fitness
  • LFA 1480 - Yoga (Section 32989)
  • LFA 1480 - Yoga (Sections 30784/30785)
  • LFA 1520 - Kickball/Dodgeball
  • LFA 1540 - Basketball: Fundamental Skills
  • LFA 1640 - Weight Training and Fitness (Section 33690)
  • LFA 1640 - Weight Training and Fitness (Section 32405)
  • LFA 1640 - Weight Training and Fitness (Sections 35763/35765)

Additional syllabi from previous semesters