Admission Health Education Minor

Physical education majors should see a physical education advisor prior to application. All other majors should contact a health education advisor for a Plan of Work

Admission Requirements: Undergraduate Kinesiology students entering Wayne State University, either from high school or transferring from other universities or colleges, are admitted directly into the College of Education/Level 1, General Education courses are taken concurrently with Kinesiology requirements. Students must apply for formal admission to the College of Education Level 2, Room 469 Education Building, when they have completed 53 credits and must have met all the criteria listed below. Upon application, students should request admission into the Kinesiology major program.

  1. Completion of 53 semester credits (includes 12 credits in the major).
  2. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50.
  3. Completion of English 1020 or equivalent (Basic Composition).
  4. Completion of BIO 2870 Anatomy & Physiology (Cr. 5 with lab).
  5. Completion of University English Proficiency.
  6. Completion of University Math Competency.
  7. A passing score on each of the three sections of the State Basic Skills portion of the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC).
  8. A copy of a negative TB test (within the last three years).
  9. Verification of forty hours of successful group work with children. The State defines a group as three or more children (not your own) between the ages of three and eighteen. Students are reminded to find a group work experience that is compatible to the age group they plan to teach. The group work experience needs to be recent (within the last five years) at the time of admission to Level 2.
  10. A current (within the last six months) statewide Criminal History check.
  11. Up-to-date transcripts from each undergraduate school attended.
  12. A completed Level 2 Application (available in Room 489, College of Education).
  13. Students with complete applications will be invited to attend a mandatory College of Education Orientation, which is the final requirement for admission to Level 2.

Admission questions should be directed to the Office of Student Services, College of Education, 489 Education, phone 313-577-1601.

Post Degree: Students should follow the procedures for application and file a Post Degree Form in Room 469 Education Building.