Health Education: Community Health Education

The Bachelor's degree in Health Education with a concentration in Community Health is a program that prepares students for a variety of careers in public or private agencies, local health departments, volunteer organizations, hospitals, health insurance companies, worksite/corporate health promotion and wellness programs, and a variety of community-based organizations and projects; such as:

  • Smoking Cessation Programs
  • Health and Cancer Associations
  • Substance Abuse Agencies
  • Nutrition Interventions
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs
  • Injury Prevention Initiatives

The program focuses on preparing students to:

  1. Assess individual and group needs for health education
  2. Plan, implement and evaluate effective health education programs
  3. Coordinate provisions for health education
  4. Act as a resource person in health education and work with communities
  5. Communicate health education needs, understand concerns and use resources effectively

Students are also required to complete an internship as part of the program. Internships are based on student interest and provide a hands-on, extended learning opportunity. The program requires students complete 120 credits, which includes WSU and College of Education requirements, 44-45 credits in Health Education core courses, and a minimum of 15 credits in Community Health electives. 4-year plan of work.

Curriculum guides can be found here.

Core courses Include:

  • H E 1010 - Foundations of Health and Health Promotion (3 Cr.)
  • H E 2310 - Dynamics of Personal Health (3 Cr.)
  • H E 2320 - Environmental/Community Health (3 Cr.)
  • H E 2330 - First Aid/CPR (3 Cr.)
  • H E 3440 - Nutrition and Health Education (3 Cr.)
  • H E 3500 - Human Disease (3 Cr.)
  • H E 4340 - Family and Reproductive Health (3 Cr.)
  • H E 5220 - Health Behavior Change (3 Cr.)
  • H E 5440 - Mental Health/Substance Abuse (3 Cr.)
  • H E 3344 - Methods and Materials in Community Health Education (3 Cr.)
  • KHS 5522 - Health Psychology (3 Cr.)
  • H E 6420 - Introduction to Health Promotion Program Design (3 Cr.)
  • H E 6501 - Evaluation and Measurement in Community Health Education (3 Cr.)

Community Health Electives

To declare or change your major to Health Education with a concentration in Community Health, comple the below online application:

Application to Request a Major Change