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Exercise and Sport Science

Motor Behavior Laboratory

The Motor Behavior Laboratory (MBL) features state-of-the-art instrumentation for investigating a range of behavioral and neurophysiological changes in human motor learning, control, and development.  It consists of a general laboratory area, two soundproof testing rooms, and an office.  The lab is equipped with a MP 100 System for recording Electroencephalograms (EEG), Electromyograms (EMG), force-production, and movement acceleration. In addition it has a customized real-time data acquisition system for measurement of force-production and balance, a MEL response box for psycho-motor study, as well as various computers and software.  The lab is currently working closely with the Neurosurgery Department on several interdisciplinary research projects.  

Recent Research Projects:

  • Effect of modeled auditory information on motor performance and learning.

  • Memory consolidation: Timing intervals and components.

  • Motor learning and memory impairments in clinical hydrocephalus.

  • Motor planning, EEG, and EMG of learning a force production task.

Software used in the lab:

  • AcqKnowledge

  • MEL Professional

  • Visual C++

  • Visual Basic

  • QBasic

  • SAS

  • SPSS

  • SigmaPlot

For Additional Informtion:

Dr. Qin Lai
Office: 10 Old Main