Faculty Experts List for Media

Academic Achievement


Achievement Gap



African American

Anti-Bullying / Bullying

Anxiety Issues

Applied Data Analysis

Art Therapy

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Behavior Psychology

Case Management

Center for Health and Community Impact

Charter Schools

Child Abuse

Childhood Obesity Prevention

Children's Literature

Class and Education

Classical Measurement Theory (Reliability and Validity)

Clinical Experience

Clinical Practice

Community-Based Participatory Research


Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programming

Conceptual Change

Conflict Resolution

Corner Stores


Couples and Family Therapy

Crisis Intervention

Critical Qualitative Inquiry


Curriculum Discourse

Cultural Competence

Cultural Relevance

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Deficit Thinking

Design-Based Research

Design Thinking

Designer Professional Identity Development Research

Digital Methodologies


Disability in Higher Education

Disability Management

Disability Sport and Exercise

Disability Studies in Education

Diversity Education

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Early Literacy

Eating and Physical Activity Behaviors

Education for Social Justice

Educational Computing

Educational Leadership

Educational Policy

Educational Policy and Politics

Educational Sociology

Elementary Education

Emergent Literacy

Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Equal Educational Opportunity

Equity and Inclusion


Exact Statistics


Exercise in Elderly Populations

Exercise and Immune Function and School Health Education

Exercise Physiology

Exercise and Sport Science

Eye Movements/Eye Tracking

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Family Systems

Food Access


Gender and Education


Gifted Education


Globalization and Transnationalism


Graphical Comprehension

Grief and Loss

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Health Interventions

Health Policy

Health Related Fitness and Its Impact on Academic Achievement

Healthy Eating Interventions

Healthy Promotions

History of American Education

History of Education

History of Statistics

Human Capacity Development / International Development / Capacity Building

Human Resource Development / Management

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Inclusive Education

Increasing Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity

Information Process

Information Text

Innovative Technologies

Inquiry Based Curriculum

Instructional Design

Instructional Reform

Integrating Technology in Physical Education

Intellectual and Developmental Disability

Interdisciplinary Design Research

Interdisciplinary Medical Education Research

Interpretive Research


Improvement Science

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Journal Publishing

Kinesiology and Physical Activity Promotion

Labor Relations

Learning & Development

Learning / Performance / Program Evaluation

LGBT and Sexuality

Life Care Planning

Life Transitions

Literacy Education

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Mathematics Education

Mathematics Teacher Education

Mental Health

Mental Health Recovery

Michigan K - 12 Science Standards

Michigan Science Performance Expectations

Mixed Methods Research

Monte Carlo Methods



Motor Control

Motor Learning

Motor Neuroscience


Multilevel Interventions

Muscle Fatigue

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Needs Assessment

Neoliberal Urbanism

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

No Child Left Behind

Nonparametric Statistics


Obesity Prevention

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Performance Expectations

Performance Measurement

Philosophy of Education

Physical Activity

Physical Activity Breaks in the Classroom

Physical Activity and Its Impact on Academic Achievement

Physical Activity Interventions

Physical Activity Psychology

Physical Education

Physical Education Curriculum and Instruction

Policy Development

Policy Implementation

Policy, Systems and Environmental Change

Political Economy

Post-Partum Depression

Positive Psychology

Postural Control

Professional Development

Professional Development for Kinesiology

Professional Development Surrounding Healthy School Change

Professional Development Surrounding Quality Physical Education

Professional Learning

Psychological Resilience

Psychological Trauma



Psychosocial Clubhouse

Psychosocial Rehabilitation


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Qualitative Research

Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation

Race and Education

Race, Race Relations and Anti-racism

Real World Problems in K - 12 Mathematics


Rehabilitation Counseling

Research and Experimental Design


Risk Behavior

Robust Statistics

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Sampling Theory (Quantitative & Qualitative)

School Belonging

School Choice

School Desegregation

School Funding

School Health

School Improvement

School Partnerships

School Reform

Schooling and Society

Science Curriculum / Instruction

Science Education

Science Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Science Teaching and Learning

Scientific and Engineering Practices

Scientific Practices

Sex Abuse

Social Justice

Social Networks



Students' Conceptions

Substance Abuse


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Teacher Development

Teacher Education

Teacher Effectiveness

Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Labor Markets

Teacher Professional Development

Teacher Quality

Teacher Reflection

Teacher Unions

Technology in Mathematics Teaching

Transformative Educational Leadership

Transitional Counseling

Trauma Counseling

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Urban Education

Urban Health

Use of Technology in Mathematics Education

Video Methods

Violence Prevention

Visual Literacy

Visual Methodologies

Vocational Expert

Vocational Rehabilitation

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Workplace Learning / Workforce Training

Writing Process and Practice

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