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Alliance Member Impact Statements

Marvin Ray

2010 Alumni

Secondary Social Studies

DeMone Washington

Fall 2017 Alumni
Secondary Education: Social Studies

The Morris Hood Scholars (Alliance) program played a major impact on me as a student and as a teacher. First let me address the impact it played on me as a student. During my years working on my undergraduate degree, the Morris Hood Scholars (Alliance) program gave me the necessary tools I needed to overcome certain hurdles I struggled with. For example, initially I struggled passing the professional readiness exam (PRE). The Morris Hood Scholars (Alliance) program gave me numerous resources such as tutors, workshops, and online study materials. Those resources gave me the necessary help I needed to pass the PRE.

Second as a teacher, the Morris Hood (Alliance) program helped me create a strong educational networking team. Many of the Morris Hood Scholar (Alliance) members are now all teachers. We all keep in touch and share different teaching strategies that have been shown to be effective in the classroom. Without the Morris Hood Scholars (Alliance) program, I don't think that I would have the strong educational networking team that I have today.

Maurice Dortch

Fall 2017 Alumni


In a society where teaching is one of the most overlooked professions, MHS (Alliance) program is where students are taught that teaching is the key.  It's not just about what's in your wallet, it's about what's in your heart.

Lonnie Moorehead

Current ESA Member

Secondary Education: Social Studies

Morris Hood (Alliance) is the perfect place for young men to organize and network and get to know the future teachers of Detroit. I look at Andrew an introvert who came out of his shell and ended up becoming a senator. Why wouldn't a person want to associate with an organization that brings the best of you out with only 1 string attached, the expectation of you graduating and become a professional educator for the community? The craziest thing I seen was when 2 peer mentors had to come up with an idea not realizing they would impact the very school and program they were attending. The friendships and comradery I experienced and continue to experience is amazing. MHS (Alliance) is a true brotherhood.  And we can never forget the resources and help with testing, which of course is the best part.

Brendan Lopus

Winter 2018 Alumni with Honors

Secondary Education: English

Morris Hood (Alliance) has supported me and given me the resources to succeed and excel within the College of Education.

Philip Trela

Winter 2018 Alumni

Secondary Education: Earth/Space Science

This program has provided me with the opportunity to connect with other students in the College of Education. These connections have helped me in my classes by allowing me to know other students at the start of the semester. Also, I have had the opportunity to work with other students from this program during my clinical experience. This provided me with the unique opportunity to strengthen these connections that I first started as a member of Morris Hood (Alliance). I am confident that these connections will help me as I move into my own classroom next fall.

Thomas Kay

Winter 2018 Alumni

Elementary Education: Integrated Science

Morris Hood (Alliance), provided me with an opportunity to meet my educational goals. As an underrepresented youth I never thought I would have a platform to stand on and be heard, Morris Hood (Alliance) gave me that. Morris Hood (Alliance) provided for my emotional, financial, and spiritual needs by lifting building me up, the program really changed my life and I will be graduating Wayne State University with honors. Thank you!

Caleb Gyani

Current ESA Member

Secondary Education: Earth/Space Science & Physics

Morris Hood (Alliance) introduced me to individuals that all wished to see me become successful. They've even offered resources and tools to aid me in my academic career. Morris Hood (Alliance) has always only looked out for my best intentions and it's been so helpful; as college can be extremely difficult at times.

Robert Pluta

Winter 2018 Alumni

Secondary Education: Social Studies

Morris Hood (Alliance) has given me great experience working and learning from some great educators. I have formed strong and lasting bonds with many of the amazing students and faculty in Morris Hood (Alliance). These are connections that will help propel me in my future career goals.