Community Health Career Pipeline – Noel Kulik

The mission of the Community Health Career Pipeline is to develop a coordinated, multi-sector and community-based system that links young people involved in health-related efforts within the City of Detroit and surrounding areas to supported post-secondary university opportunities that prepare them to become skilled community health leaders in the areas of healthy eating and food systems, social justice and health equity. The Community Health Pipeline initiative invests in youth as agents of community change and encourages young people to continue their health and wellness-focused work to address and disrupt the trajectory of health and education inequity in their communities. Starting in 2016, this pipeline program seeks to partner with community based programs that provide nutrition education services to youth in middle and high schools, as well as programs that engage youth in food systems and access initiatives. The goal is to engage youth and develop structured supports that enable them to transition their health-related work during their early years toward an entry into university degree and career preparation programs.


WSU Department of Urban Planning/SEED Wayne and Detroit Food Academy

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