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Academic Services

Academic Services: Staff & Duties

Division of Academic Services

Assistant Dean

Janice W. Green, Ph.D.
(313) 577-1605

  • Provide overall administrative leadership to the Division of Academic Services
  • Graduate Officer of College of Education
  • Prepare reports for American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and U.S. News and World Report
  • Supervise Graduate Faculty Status
  • Process changes in courses & time extensions
  • Supervise outreach activities
  • Director of Morris Hood Program
  • Liaison to Curriculum Committee, Doctoral Standards Committee and the Alumni Association

Graduate & Teacher Placement Office (489, Education)

Support Staff

Sonya Landrum


(313) 577-1635

  • Secretary to the Assistant Dean
  • Maintain the Undergraduate & Graduate Bulletins
  • Maintain database for Schedule of Classes
  • Monitor room assignments
  • Review initial course proposals
  • Enter grade changes for ED courses
  • Liaison for the Annual Teacher Placement Job Fair
  •  Assist with teacher placement activities

raduate Officers

Paul Johnson
(313) 577-1635

  • Supervise Graduate and Placement Services staff
  • Coordinate Graduation Policies and Procedures
  • Administer Doctoral Services
  • Recommend Candidates for the Michigan School Administrator Certificate
  • Recommend Candidates for Supervisor and/or Director of Special Education
  • Coordinate the Annual Teacher Placement Job Fair
  • Coordinate Technology for the Division of Academic Services

Kevin Williams
(313) 577-1605

  • Process initial certification for M.A.T.
  • Coordinator of the Morris Hood Scholars Program
  • Coodinate special admission programs: Pathways and Canadian Teacher Certification Program
  • Coordinator of office communication enhancements
  • Chair, COE Recruitment Committee

Undergraduate & Certification Office (469, Education)

Support Staff

Daphne Cochran
(313) 577-1601

  • Process Level 2 applications for admission
  • Coordinate Level 2 orientations
  • Maintain undergraduate & graduate forms and documents
  • Maintain undergraduate & graduate curriculum guides
  • Maintain office equipment
  • Coordinates information packages for Certification Information Meetings
  • Assist with Master's Orientation
  • Assist with Alumni Affairs


ndergraduate Officers

Fawne Allossery
(313) 577-1601


  • Verify degree requirements for undergraduate degrees and initial teacher certification
  • Verify requirements for initial teacher certification for post bachelor & combined degree students
  • Process requests for “degree only” or “major only”
  • Update post bachelor major/minor and undergraduate curriculum guides
  • Update Teacher Certification Information Handbook
  • Coordinate the Dean’s list and Honors Programs
  • Writer/Editor for the College of Education Newsletter (Educator)

Ebony Green
(313) 577-1601

  • Coordinate special programs: Pathways and Pre-Morris Hood Scholars Learning Community
  • Render Level 2 admission decisions
  • Coordinate Level 2 Orientations
  • Prepare plans of work for Level 2 and post-bachelor certification students
Cassandra Tackett
(313) 577-1601
  • Coordinate Level 1 activities
  • Coordinate Level 1 retention efforts
  • Monitor Level 1 academic probation
  • Coordinator of Success Track Learning Community
  • Determine NCAA eligibility
  • Maintain AskCOE@wayne.edu


LaSondra Dawn
(313) 577-1605

  • Meet with students, grad & undergrad, who have stopped out
  • Assist students in distress
  • Oversee marketing programs and services
  • Maintain Teacher Certification Information Meeting schedule
  • Coordinate recruitment activities for potential students interested in undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Coordinate special retention strategies for students
  • Assist with Academic Services' website

Sherry Cormier-Khun
(313) 577-1605

  • Coordinate marketing activities and campaigns for the College of Education
  • Collaborate with other WSU units to create and implement marketing strategies for COE programs
  • Coordinator of off-campus academic programs
  • Assist COE divisions in developing special instructional programs and provide support in resolving issues related to off-campus scheduling
  • Manage registrations for field-based programs
  •  Level 1 & 2 advisor for Macomb University Center Undergraduate Students