University Teaching Certificate Overview

Minimum Number of Hours: 12


The Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching is designed to equip doctoral or terminal masters students with insight, skills, and experience to excel as classroom instructors and members of their academic community!

In the current academic job market, many colleges and universities are searching for new faculty who have demonstrated their ability to be successful in all academic roles: scholarship, service, and teaching. Studies show that broad-based preparation is essential for both short-term and long-term success as scholar and professor in one's chosen field.

The certificate program is open to students who are currently enrolled in a Wayne State University doctoral or terminal masters program and who plan on seeking faculty positions upon completing their degrees. Terminal masters programs include, for example, MFA and MLIS.

The Certificate

  • Provides an employment market advantage by supplying students with supporting credentials regarding their teaching skills;
  • ¬†Helps give Ph.D. students an understanding of the interdependent roles of faculty members, in terms of scholarship, teaching, and service;
  • Equips students more fully to teach college-level courses by focusing on such skills as technology in the classroom, distance learning, presentation expertise, and instructional design.


In response to recognition that most entry-level academic positions were at institutions that emphasize teaching, programs to refocus the training of the professoriate began springing up across the nation. Fewer than 10% of the academic jobs for new Ph.D.'s are at institutions where research is the faculty's primary responsibility. The American Association of Colleges and Universities and the Council of Graduate Schools developed the Preparing Future Faculties Initiative to encourage universities to broaden their doctoral education. More than 90% of the students who complete a Future Faculty program rate the program as important to their career advancement.

Wayne State 's Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching is modeled after the Preparing Future Faculty Initiative and gives doctoral students an opportunity to integrate new and innovative approaches to teaching and learning. The Certificate was developed by the Graduate School and the College of Education.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Timothy Spannaus, Program Director - College of Education
313-577-1741 or 313-577-1728