Education Specialist Certificate

The Educational Specialist certificate is designed for those who already have a master's degree in an area other than Learning Design & Technology. As such, students in this program are normally new to the field.

The Educational Specialist certificate requires 31 hours beyond a master's degree and is post-graduate work that can serve as preliminary work toward a doctorate. It is possible for a student to apply Educational Specialist work to the doctoral program.

Persons may have relevant undergraduate and graduate degrees from a variety of areas, but most are new to the LDT field.


Individuals seeking an Educational Specialist certificate may choose to focus their studies, in collaboration with an advisor.


A plan of work reflects a coherent plan of study in an advanced area of Learning Design & Technology. Required courses include LDT 8100 and 8110.

Students new to Learning Design & Technology will have Ed.S. plans of work that mirror the M.Ed. requirements in LDT, plus LDT 8100 and 8110. They will not include courses outside of LDT.

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