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Achieving Education Success - Lessons from the Front - A Panel Discussion - October 27, 2016 with David L. Kirp, Professor of Public Policy at University of California, Berkeley and New York Times Opinion Writer.

Video of Panel Discussion

Presented by the Wayne State University Yackness Endowed Lectureship Series and supported by the College of Education-WSU and the Metro Bureau.

Moderator: Alicia Nails, Director of the Journalism Institute for Media Diversity at Wayne State University

Panel members: Michael Addonizio (Professor, College of Education, Wayne State University), David Arsen (Professor, Michigan State University), Sue Carnell (Westwood Schools Superintendent), Michele Harmala (Wayne Westland Schools Superintendent) and Alycia Meriweather (Detroit Public Schools Community District Superintendent).

The panelists shared their perspectives on the public education system in Michigan and outside the state.


Program Description - Educational Administration (EDA)

The Educational Administration Program Area provides Master's Degrees and Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) Certificates relating to P-12 and university-level administration and leadership.  

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

Purpose: This program is designed to assist teachers in improving their competence in leadership roles, formal and informal, in the schools and community. Individuals aspiring to such positions as assistant principals, principals, curriculum directors or coordinators, federal coordinators, directors (special education, industrial-vocational education, counseling and guidence, etc.), assistant superintendents, and superintendents should undertake study at the sixth year and doctoral level. The M.Ed. is basic, entry-level step.

Ed.S. in Educational Administration and Supervision

Purpose: These Ed.S. Certificate programs serve personnel aspiring to administrative positions in education, and practicing administrators wishing to enhance their skills. An approval and certificate program is also available. The Ed.S. serves as a preliminary step toward earning an Ed.D. or a Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies. 

Program Alternatives

  • PLAN A: for applicants with Educational Administration M. Ed degree;
  • PLAN B: for applicants with a Master's degree in a non- EDA field;
  • PLAN C: for applicants pursuing special education administrator approval;
  • PLAN D: for applicants pursuing charter school leadership certification.

Program Description - Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

Both the Doctor of Education program and the Doctor of Philosophy program in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies require satisfactory completion of the Miller Analogies Test and a departmental written examination. If students have taken the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), those scores may be accepted if taken not more than three years prior to submission of application.

The Doctor of Education program is primarily for practicing educational administrators and as such requires demonstrative leadership experience with adults as a prerequisite for admission.

The Doctor of Philosophy program requires evidence of past research efforts and interests as a prerequisite for admission. Applicants for this degree should be interested in careers which include a research emphasis.

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