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Teacher Placement Services

Annual Teacher Placement Job Fair

The Teacher Placement Job Fair is an annual event that is usually held in March. The Job Fair typically includes 40 to 60 in state and out of state employers. Teacher Candidates from WSU (students and Alumni) that pre-register do not have to pay an admission fee. Candidates from other institutions are welcomed to attend.  An admission fee is charged for non-WSU candidates and for anyone registering late.  If you have questions about this event, please contact the Office of Field Experiences at (313) 577-1642.

Six County Area Schools Contact List

The College of Education Placement Office provides our teachers with an updated listing of our six county school districts in the Metro Detroit area. This information is imperative in your job search. It offers you contact names and phone numbers, as well as website addresses for your viewing. If you require additional information regarding any school district, we recommend that you call the district at the number provided.

Six County Area Schools