Admission Procedures

The College of Education offers students the best programs with an emphasis on diversity, innovation, technology and research-based practices.  Our professors are leaders in their fields who pride themselves on the quality programs, high standards, and dedication to students.  Our programs are accredited through their national professional organizations and by the Michigan Department of Education. 

We continually strive to improve our programs, to adapt to changing employment trends in education, counseling, etc., and to enhance the overall university experience for our students.  We want to ensure that each of our students' graduates with a sound and innovative education in a field that prepares them for the challenges and rewards that they will face in their chosen careers.

The application process and requirement can vary depending on your current status:

If you are currently in high school and applying to Wayne State University College of Education, we want to address all of your questions about how to properly declare a major in the College of Education.

Post-bachelor is an undergraduate status for students who have already completed a bachelor's degree and want to take classes without using the credit toward a degree.  Students, who are required to complete undergraduate prerequisites prior to beginning a graduate program, may complete these courses as a post-bachelor student.  Additionally, certified teachers adding a subject area endorsement may elect to be in a post-bachelor status.

If you would like to apply to a graduate-level program including certificate programs, there is a unique application process that applies to you.