The Division of Academic Services

The Division of Academic Services is responsible for advising undergraduate students.  We also assist undergraduate students at Wayne State wishing to pursue any of majors or minors. The Division of Academic services also admits graduate students to programs in the College of Education.

Join an Undergraduate Program

Join a Graduate Program

Academic Services is also responsible for:

  • Maintaining student files 
  • Processing and certifying degrees 
  • Administrator and teaching certificate requirements.
  • Completing approvals for Supervisor and Director of Special Education 


Academic Services Division also provides the following services for faculty, staff and students in the College of Education:

  • Determines General Education requirements for undergraduate students.
  • Provides pre-admission advising for students seeking information about College of Education programs.
  • Monitors student plans of work at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Monitors the academic probation system for the College.
  • Maintains curriculum guides and brochures for programs in the College.
  • Compiles and monitors the development of the schedule of classes for all Education courses.
  • Monitors and prepares the final copy for the College of Education portions of the Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins.
  • Develops Articulation Agreements with Community Colleges.