Education Specialist Certificate: Majors & Admission Process

General Admission Policies for the Education Specialist Certificate Programs

  1. A Masters degree from an accredited graduate school.
  2. An undergraduate grade point average of 2.60 on a 4 point scale. Applicants with grade point averages of less than 2.60 for the baccalaureate must present evidence of superior academic achievement in a Master's degree program (3.40 or above) before being considered for admission.
  3. All areas except Counseling and Instructional Technology require three (3) years of teaching experience or equivalent.

Some programs have specific prerequisites which may exceed or be in addition to those listed above.

Students should consult program area advisors for policies specific to any given program prior to applying. Most programs require an interview. Some programs require an autobiography or curriculum vitae, references, and a teaching certificate or professional license. Recommendation forms and the autobiographical cover sheet will be sent following review of the initial application and all transcripts. After the initial application and transcripts have been submitted a letter of response will be sent to the applicant listing any other specific items required for admission.

Education Specialist Certificate (ESC) Majors

  • Counseling
    • Counseling
    • Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Curriculum and Instruction
    • Bilingual-Bicultural Education
    • Career & Technical Education
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Elementary Education
    • English Education
    • General
    • Mathematics Education
    • Science Education
    • Social Studies Education
  • General Administration and Supervision
  • Learning Design & Technology
  • Reading
  • Special Education

Application Process

Applicants not previously enrolled at Wayne State University Graduate School are required to submit an Application for Graduate Admission and all official transcripts from each college or university (undergraduate and graduate) attended to the University Admissions Office (see address below). A transcript is considered official only if it is sent directly from the institution where the work was completed and bears an official seal. Transcripts mailed to the student are not considered official, even if sealed in a separate envelope. The Application for Graduate Admission is only available online from the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Office of Graduate Admissions
Wayne State University

5057 Woodward Ave.
Suite 6000
Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Phone: 313-577-4723
Fax: 313-577-0131

A graduate student in good standing with the Wayne State University Graduate School should file a Change of Status Application in the Division of Academic Services, Room 489, College of Education. Official transcripts of all college-level work, both undergraduate and graduate, may be required; if so, they should be mailed directly to the Division of Academic Services, Room 489, College of Education by the institution where the applicant was enrolled. The Change of Status Application is available online or on the campus of Wayne State University in Room 489, College of Education.

The University Office of Admissions will make every effort to process the application in time for the semester of the applicant's choice. Applications are reviewed by the Graduate Education Office, College of Education, Room 489 to ensure that they are complete and are then forwarded to the appropriate program for consideration. Only those applications which are received by the Graduate Education Office by the application deadline noted below will be reviewed for the approaching semester. Late applications will be considered for the next semester's class. Application deadlines will vary for different programs. Please check with the Department for exact deadline dates.

General Application Deadline Dates (for most programs)

  • Fall (classes begin in September) - June 1
  • Winter (classes begin in January) - October 1
  • Spring/Summer (classes begin in May) - February 1

* Application deadlines will vary for different programs. Please check with the Department for exact deadline dates.  An earlier deadline date will take precedence over the General Application Deadline Dates listed below.


  • Fall - May 1
  • Winter - October 15
  • Spring/Summer - February 15