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Annual impact and outcome reporting measures for initial and advanced certification programs:

Graduation Rates

Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness

Ability of Completers to Meet Licensing Requirements (Michigan Test for Teacher Certification - MTTC)

Satisfication of Employers

Ability of Completers to be Hired in Education Positions

Satisfaction of Completers

Student Loan Default Rates

Educator Preparation Institution (EPI) Score Report: This report uses performance scores from the Michigan Tests for Teacher Certification (three-year passing percentages), Teacher Candidate and Candidate Supervisor Survey efficacy rates, and points earned by the educator preparation program attributed to Educator Effectiveness Labels to determine an overall institutional score. A minimum overall cut score of 84.5 is needed for satisfactory institutional performance.

Title II Reporting: All educator preparation programs at higher education institutions receiving government funding must publish an annual Title II report. This report includes information reflecting the quality of the educator preparation program.




WSU/MI Licensure Testing Pass Rates: Students who wish to be awarded a Michigan teaching certificate or earn an additional endorsement must pass the appropriate subject area Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC).

State Comparisons 2014-2017

WSU Summary 2016-2017

WSU Summary 2017-2018

Graduation Rates: This document provides information about graduation and completion rates across the undergraduate, MAT, and post-bachelor pathways.

Institutional Data: The office of Institutional Research and Analysis provides information related to enrollment, retention and graduation, common data set, degrees awarded and other popular WSU facts.

Job Reports: This document provides information about teaching positions secured by those who have earned certification at WSU.

Financial Information: Below is information about student loan defaults rates, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities.

WSU Loan Default Rates

Scholarship Information


College of Education


Detroit Promise

Financial Aid

Advanced Accreditation: Data specific to the following in advanced accreditation program areas will be available on the website by May 2019.


Employer Satisfaction

Completer Satisfaction

Parent and Candidate Information